When my sister in law moved into my parents house she had two pitbulls. She brought Rocky to our house and I think one of her brother’s took care of Bull. My dad wanted them to stay in their house and save money to buy a house rather than paying rent to someone else for an apartment.

Rocky was easily the calmest dog that I have ever seen. He acted more like a cat than a dog in a lot of ways. He didn’t want your attention unless he wanted it.

He was the calmest dog that I have ever seen. I’m sure the fact that he was pretty old was a factor in that.

Rocky loved the car

Rocky loved the car.

The only time I can remember him not being calm at all is the one time the neighbor’s tiny puppy most have ran into the front door under my feet. Sure I heard Rocky running around upstairs but I figured he was playing. Well he was in fact playing but with that tiny puppy that the neighbors were out looking for.

Rocky On The Chair

Rocky always liked laying on this chair.

Rocky With The Pumpkin

Rocky though this pumpkin that my mom had for Halloween was again ball and always tried to play with it.