Dogs - Slugger

When Sparky didn’t work out for hunting my dad got another one. We called that one Slugger.

Slugger also didn’t work out for hunting for my dad. For one thing he got scared of noises when there were lots of fireworks on fourth of July up the mountains. He was a puppy and I guess it just scared him.

He’d hide from thunder or any other noise. Obviously he was afraid of gun shots too so that made him no good as a hunting dog.

The other thing that ruined him for hunting was the fact that he hated water. When he was a puppy he was unsure about water and we tried to coax him into the lake. He’d think about it and play with the edge of the water then my cousin picked him up and threw him in. After that He wouldn’t go near water ever again.

He had a habit of always climbing over the fence. He’d jump in my mom’s car window if she had it parked where he could reach it with the window open.

Slugger was our other springer spaniel

Slugger was our other Spring spaniel.