Guinea Pigs - Teddy

Teddy was the one that almost always slept on her side.

Teddy was the one that almost always slept on her side.

This picture is of our tan and brown teddy bear guinea pig with a white face. She’s sleeping on her side. She had short soft fur that resembled a child’s teddy bear.

We were driving past a place that had a sign about guinea pigs, so Molly just had to stop and check them out. The woman had a bunch of baby guinea pigs for sale, and we decided we wanted one. When we were looking at them, Teddy came over to me and seemed to be the tamest one so we picked her. We brought her home and introduced her to the others, and she tried to hide under blackie. When she was a baby she could but when she was fully grown she was much larger the blackie, yet she stilled tried to hide under her.

Teddy was afraid of everything. She was even afraid of fresh vegetables. The first and only one she would eat for a while was baby carrots, but she eventually started eating the other ones.

Her name comes from her fur looking and feeling like a teddy bear, but then the one time at the vet kept calling her woolly because she looked like a woolly bear caterpillar. That’s when it clicked for us. All along we’d been thinking she looked like something, but couldn’t place what it was.

I don’t know why it she was the only one we had that we noticed this, but she almost always slept on her side. When she was older we thought it was because she was too fat and round. The first few times it did freak us out and make us think something was wrong with her, but we got used to it.