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⛄ Cold

This Cold Air Reminds Me Of Hunting Season At The Mountains!

This cold air is remind me of the mountains growing up. I’d be next to the coal stove which was burning and in the sun and reading. I sort of miss those simpler days.


A Few Inches Of Snow With More To The East Again

Per the forecast, it looks like a few inches of snow here. To our north, they’ll likely get six or more inches.


Some Light Snow With The Heavier Stuff Staying East Again

It looks like we should be getting a couple of inches of snow here in Lancaster County. The heavier snow should stay to our east.


Another Missed Snow Opportunity

I woke up this morning to a coating of snow. I’m beginning to think that may be all we get this year with the pattern so far.


December 4.1 Degrees Below Average

December was a cold and dry month around here. Harrisburg ended the month with the average temperature being 4.1 degrees below average.


More Cold

December was a good month. We had above average snowfall with the storms over performing. Now the forecast has plenty more cold air and chances in it.


Arctic Shot Next Week

An arctic shot is coming next week. The cold has been building for a while now and looks like it’s going to finally head southward.