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The World Does Not Revolve Around You Once You're Behind The Wheel

- 2 minutes, 277 words
Far too often, when people get behind the steering wheel of a car, they become both stupid and selfish. The line for the drive through at Mount Joy’s Dunkin’ Donuts is a prime example of that.

Is It That Hard To Look Behind You When Backing Your Car Up?

- 1 minutes, 154 words
This evening was once again a time when we’re walking through a parking lot when someone just started backing out of their spot directly at us and never even slowed down. I’m willing to bet they never even looked and didn’t even know we were there. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen this happen. Hell I almost had someone back into me when I was directly behind their car.

Watching The Tractors Fly Down The Road

- 2 minutes, 291 words
Last night, there were two tractors that kept flying back and forth on our street. They had full disregard for the stop sign too until one nearly hit a car as he was cruising full speed around the corner.

Why Do People Get Stupid When Driving?

- 1 minutes, 74 words
It seems as if people automatically lose all common sense once they get behind a wheel. Why do people get so stupid when driving?