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Finally Broke Through And Squatted 315

For my birthday this year, I’ve been planning on doing my Crossfit total. I’ve felt like I’ve made great progress, especially on squats, so I did it this morning. I finally made a long-term goal.


Squat Fail At 310 Pounds

I have been back and forth on whether I wanted to attempt my back squat PR set at three hundred and ten pounds today. Ultimately, I decided to go for it and see how it felt.


Some Days Just Go Like That

I had much higher hopes for my heavy back squat AMRAP today than I ended up getting. I think it’s because my stomach has been feeling slightly off, but who knows. Some days will go like today.


I Redid Yesterday's WOD And Actually Finished It Today

Yesterday was the first time I walked away from a WOD in close to a year. It just wasn’t working. Today I completed that WOD.


Brutal Day For My Garage Gym Lifting Today

Today was a brutal day for me with my lifts. Everything was heavy as hell.


Today's Strength Went Well But It Was Light So It Should Have

Today my lifts were light and easy. I guess at least that’s one advantage of failing and resetting my bench and squats last time.


Made The First Set Of Squats At 270 Pounds

Sometimes even a failure is a success in some ways. I did make it through my first set of squats at 270 pounds. I didn’t make all the sets. The big win here though is that I finally made it past my old Crossfit Trinium one rep max for reps!


Strength Felt Surprising Good Today

Yesterday I did two WODs that made my knee and hamstring pretty angry. Much to my surprise my lifts felt good this morning even with the anger in my legs.


Failed Twenty Rep Front Squat At 170 But Not Because Of Weight

Last week, I skipped my twenty rep front squats, thinking my heavy single would be too much in the same week. I failed the twenty reps at 170 pounds this week not because of weight, but I pressed it too tightly against my neck. tags


Did My Strength Today, Did Not Finish The WOD

After we got done with the grocery store I did my strength for today and it felt great. Power clean day!!


Failed Squat From The Humidity Today

Today didn’t go so well in the garage. It was very humid and I failed my squat from the humidity. I was sweating so much it almost seemed as if the bar was slipping on my shoulders.


I Failed The 255 Pound Squats Again

Once again today I failed my back squats at 255 pounds. I know I can do it but I think it’s an old mental block. I just have to keep pushing.


Some Good Things And Some Disappointing Things In The Garage Today But I Really Can't Complain

I had some good things and some disappointing things happen in the garage today. I can’t really complain though. I got out there and did things.


20 Rep Squats Fail At 205 pounds

I failed my 20 rep squats at 205 pounds. On rep seven I failed hard. I’m not disappointed since this high rep stuff is new to me and really tough.


Well That Smell Was A Truck's Tire Getting Ready To Explode

We were smelling rubber burning while driving down 283 today. We figured out where it was coming from when a truck in front of us had their tier exploded. Lucky there was no accident the way it bounced around.

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