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Finally Fixed Firefox Showing White Form Controls With Dark Theme

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Firefox is my browser of choice. The only other choice on FreeBSD is Chromium, and I don’t like its GUI and lack of customization ability, nor do I like how it handles ignoring website colors. Being legally blind, I prefer white text on a black background. It’s just easier to read that way. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid, using a CCTV in school, where I learned that the negative contrast is just easier on my eyes.

Firefox 4 Beta9 GUI Sucks

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Firefox 4 beta 9 was released and I had to try it. It’s not in FreeBSD ports yet so I tried it under wine.. I tried it and it seems to be much, much faster than 3.6.x The speed improvement is very nice and long over due.. but the GUI? Why in the world would they get rid of the status bar? I depend on that to see where a link may be leading me to.

Firefox 3 Rocks!

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I’ve been using Firefox 3 since the beta versions and have been really pleased with it. It seems to be much much faster than Firefox 2 was with sites loading pretty much instantly. It seems to be a little easier on memory and a lot easier on the CPU for me on FreeBSD. I really haven’t experienced Firefox slowing down to a crawl after opening a bunch of tabs like I did in previous versions.

Handy Firefox Extensions

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Alt-Text for Links1 - Displays the URL of the link in a popup. I find this handy because I know ahead of time where the link is taking me. Download Status bar1 - This extension keeps track of downloads and shows the information in the status bar. Enhanced History Manager1 - This basically is an advanced history manager for Firefox. Forcastfox1 - Shows weather information in the status bar of your browser.