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Lots Of Fireworks Last Night

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One thing I’ve noticed this year is there have been many people lighting off fireworks all summer long. You hear them every night. There have been lots of bigger ones. One of the things I find to be pretty strange when I moved up here is how few people actually set off fire works. It was rare to see them or here them and illegal ones just didn’t happen. Growing up in Andalusia there were always vans driving through the neighborhood selling them.

Galeton Fireworks

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We were invited to a camp on Potter County Pennsylvania because Molly’s aunt was going there and Molly happened to be on vacation at that time. We’ve not been able to go anyplace for a while so we went up there. Truly enjoyed ourselves and were able to relax. We Saw wild deer and bears. Got to enjoy the ice cold water of Pine creek on a hot day with an outstanding thunderstorm coming through the area that afternoon breaking the heat and giving us nice cool refreshing days afterwords.