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First Monarch I Am Sure Of For 2021

- 2 minutes, 288 words
Today, I spotted the first monarch butterfly that I am one hundred percent positive that I saw.

Not Many Monarch Butterflies This Year

- 1 minutes, 186 words
I haven’t seen many monarch butterflies around our house this year. Other years I saw them most of the day.

I Guess We Will See Monarch Eggs Soon

- 2 minutes, 240 words
We spotted a monarch butterfly hanging out near our rose bush today.

First Monarch I Am Positive I Spotted Of 2020

- 1 minutes, 115 words
I saw the first monarch butterfly of 2020, or at least the first one that I am positive that I saw. I thought I saw one out of the corner of my eyes before, but today I was certain.

First Monarch Butterfly Emerging Of The Year

- 2 minutes, 354 words
There’s been a monarch chrysalis hanging on my chair on the porch for a while. We’ve been keeping a close watch on it. Today it cleared up, and we actually got the opportunity to watch the butterfly drop out of it.