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Carson Blackwave 10x50 Monocular Is Almost Good Enough For Me

On a whim I bought a Carson Blackwave 10x50 Monocular because it was cheap and my old one had warn out. I wouldn’t call this telescope perfect for me but it seems good and cheap enough I can always have it out which is handy being visually impaired.


Vanguard DM-8250 Monocular Is Just About Perfect For Me

My old trusty Vanguard DM 8250 telescope wore out. That was a perfect one for me, and sadly, they don’t seem to make them anymore. The hunt begins for something else.


Thank You For Calling The Police On Me At A Store Near Lancaster

Last weekend I had the police called on me for using my telescope to try to find Molly’s car. I didn’t want to hang out in a crowded store and take up space. I was unable to find it so I waited by the doors. I got harassed by three police officers for “checking out cars.” I got the sense that they were looking for trouble and I had to try to defuse the sitation. Aren’t they the supposed to be the professionals?