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Sometimes I think Social Media Is The Worst Thing That Happened to Common Sense

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I use Facebook and such as a brain drain sometimes and it’s been a great way to see what some people are up to that I grew up with. It really is frustrating and disappointing how many people just jump right on board with confirmation bias misinformation. The most ironic wave I’ve seen recently is people bitching about the lack of critical thinking while while spreading misinformation. I used to think tiny soundbites taken out of context on cable news were the worst thing for society but social media is even worse than that.

Conshohocken fire

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Yesterday afternoon and evening there was a fire in Conshohocken that went to 8 alarms according to the news. It has displaced over 300 people the news said earlier. It started in a 5 story building that was under construction. It seems like it quickly spread through the entire building and then the radiant heat caused it to spread to more buildings. The one video I saw of it just looked totally insane.

How Many Times Can You Rob The Same Place

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How many times can you rob the same place and get away with it? For two stupid people 3 times in a week was too many. The robbed Cyber Warehouse last Tuesday and Wednesday. I heard about it on the news last night and couldn’t help but to laugh. Why would someone go back to the same place three times in a week. Wouldn’t they think the police might be watching?

Saved By Shit!

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I saw this article about a woman who fell six stories. She landed in the septic system, which was being cleaned at the time. I think I’d rather die.

Home Owners Association Says No Guns

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Community Suggests Gun Possession Is Illegal For Residents I just saw this and thought it was pretty interesting and bullshit at the same time. It seems this Home owners association thought they should not allow residents to have guns on their property. This is a good example of why I’d never want to have to deal with one of these HOA. I really wouldn’t want someone else telling me what I can and cannot do on my own property.

Real Live Darwinism

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Person on their cell phone on top of their flooded car. They showed them on the noon news. Apparently both heavy rains and cell phones bring out the stupid in people. If they hadn’t gone around the barrier to drive into the water it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Mummified Body Found In Front Of TV

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Mummified body found in front of blaring TV A mummified body was found sitting sitting in front of a blaring TV. He had been dead for over a year. It’s just strange that someone can be dead for over a year and no one noticed. He was only noticed because of a broken water pipe. The other weird thing is the electricity wasn’t turned off. edited post to remove dead link.