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Crossfit 21.2 WOD In The Books

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I signed up for the Crossfit open this year but I am not officially logging my WODs. I didn’t realize beforehand that a video was required to log it and I don’t want to go through the trouble of doing that. I thought I remembered in the past that a video might be requested to qualify but I’ll personally not do very well so I wasn’t concerned with it. Oh well, I can still do the WODs and the personal test as I was going to do and that’s just what I did this morning.

Improvements Don't Always Have Numbers

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Improvements don’t always have numbers. Every so often, it’s more about just how you feel doing a repeat WOD. Occasionally, it’s just being able to do something that you were unable to do in the past. It being time for the Crossfit Open reminded me of this thought.

20.1 In The Books

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Even though I’m not giving Crossfit my money to sign up for the open I still like the idea of using the WODS as a personal benchmark. I know not going to a gym will probably limit my ability to to some of them because of equipment or height restrictions in the garage but I’ll still do what I can. I’ve always struggled with power snatches, not with weight or getting it over head but the lockout so I always was working on trying to correct that.

First Time Doing Box Jump overs

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I’m legally blind with one eye that sees anything more than light or dark. This really makes my depth perception pretty useless. I used to think I need to just try harder or something but eventually realized that it’s one of those things I cannot change. I just need to figure out ways to work through it. In at the old gym I did box jumps 90% of the time or so.


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So in Crossfit yesterday preparing for the open we redid 14.1 and I noticed a world of difference this year from last.. Score of 98 vs 70 I think from last year. Back then my snatches were ugly with poor form. I was just starting to get it and double unders were a real struggle. This year the power snatches aren’t great form but I believe it’s much improved over last.