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Nothing's Changed At The Grocery Store

We finally got to go get our own groceries today after the whole COVID quarantine. Nothing has changed at the grocery store. People are still self-centered asses.


Its Great That You Let Your Kids Do What Ever The Fuck The Want In Grocery Store!

It’s great that people let the kids do whatever they want to do. I was standing in line in the grocery store when a kid came running down the isle. It bounced off my calf after he hit me full force. Not a word was said to the kid and not even a fake “sorry.”


The Grocery Store Got Rid Of The One Way Isles!

Finally the grocery store got rid of the one way isle. They were annoying and people, especially old people flat out ignored them. If Giant wanted to actually be helpful they would have put the stupid robot away.


We Did Our Normal Grocery Shopping Today

We made the mistake of having to do our normal grocery shopping today. The panic and paranoia is crazy the way people bought everything out.


Wishing Stores Would Quit Asking If I Would Like To Donate A Dollar

I get pretty annoyed by stores having their cashiers ask I would like to donate a dollar to a charity when I pay my bill. If and when I am able to donate, I do on my own.