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Some Of The Trees Are Blooming

- 2 minutes, 270 words
Today I noticed or at least took the time to go get a picture of some of the trees that are blooming. This year they’re not going all at once but instead they’ve been more one at a time.

The Tree Is Gone Watching The Tree Guy

- 2 minutes, 214 words
Our tree is finally gone. I had fun watching the tree guy, I did a little ground stuff with my uncle growing up, and my brother is in that business, so it made me think of him.

No Working Out Today, I Was Watching The Tree Guy

- 1 minutes, 155 words
I didn’t work out today. I was too busy watching the tree guys do their thing. That sort of thing is always very intriguing for me to watch.

Our Tree Broke Just As I was Getting Ready To Go Lift

- 2 minutes, 224 words
I was getting read to head out to the garage when I heard what sounded like weak gunshots. At first, I didn’t notice it when I looked out the window, but later I saw that a large branch had split and fell from our tree.

The Trees Are Blooming Now

- 1 minutes, 202 words
It’s still March 30th and the trees along the street are blooming. Well technically they began blooming last week. They do smell good but they produce so much pollen that blows like dust everywhere and coats everything. I happened to notice the lower flowers today near the railroad tracks so I had to go grab a picture. A cluster of flowers on one of the trees across the street.This picture contains small pink and white flowers on trees.