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Overshot the Forecast High By Five Degrees Today

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I noticed this morning when I took Brooke to the bus stop that it felt pretty warm. My weather station showed it but it was a pleasant late winter morning out there today. I mean if it’s not gonna snow why be in the low teens? It was well into the 30s by 8:30 am and there was no wind yet. I came home and did a WOD while it was bright and sunny outside.

Finally A Warm Spring Like Day

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It took until today, May 15th to make the 80s this year. At least I don’t believe we’ve made it into the 80s yet. I think the best this year so far was 79 but not positive without going and looking at the records. It’s in the mid 80s and somewhat dry now. It was rainy and humid this morning and felt nasty when I did my strength workout for the day.

Our First Eighty Degree Day?

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Today started out warm and very foggy with some light rain. Normal spring weather here until the ocean warms up. Towards the afternoon the clouds started thinking, and the temperature started warming up a bit. Finally, around 2:30 or 3:00 the humidity dropped and wind picked up with a clearing sky. The temperature shot up after that. It was actually pretty nice to lay on the patio chair in the sun to recover from the WOD.

Finally A Nice Day When We Could Get outside For A Bit

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The entire winter has been mild this year, there’s no denying that. There has been plenty or rain though and the rain has been mostly on the days when Molly had off and we’d be able do do something. By luck she had off today and we wanted to get outdoors. No appointments or other plans were there to interfere with that today! The original idea was to go to middle creek but we decided to stay closer to home so went to grab a couple of caches on the Conewago trail.

High In The 60s Means Unwinding On The Patio After The WODS

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I did the first WOD earlier. That was deadlifts and burpees. Not bad. The burpees slowed me down a decent amount do to space and not having room to trip over the bar safely. The deadlifts went really well. I chose 225 pounds for basically 4 a minute adding another burpee each minute and they felt light. I’m happy with that considering I haven’t been deadlifting or lifting anything heavy for that matter in a few months.