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Decent Winds Today

Friday, Nov 26, 2021
Today was a fairly breezy day and it was cool to have my personal weather to measure it. I’ve missed that.

Another Windy Day Today

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Today has been a strange weather day here. It’s been surprisingly windy with strong easterly winds. The strongest winds during the spring around here tend to be from the southwest. It’s also very dry air today. It really feels to me like an early autumn day. You know the first cooler windier day of the fall except the winds are from the east today. I’d say the wind has been gusting into the 30 plus miles per hour range.

Strong Warm February Storm

Thursday, Feb 12, 2009
Yesterday a strong storm system developed and moved into the great lakes bringing with it a strong cold front. We had highs in the 60s with Sun most of the day and that helped create a really impressive squall line moving east across Pennsylvania. At one point it was moving east at 75 mph but it was just a bit too late for us in northwest Lancaster county. I broke up and we barely got a shower.