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My Thoughts

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  • Thursday January 11, 2001

We are no longer in the year 2000 so I have been thinking about it and reflecting on a year which tough at times but also it was a great year to me. I expected alot of things to happen that didn’t end up happening. There were also some nice surprises too.

The best thing about last year was my wonderful girlfriend. I am lucky to have you and will treat you the way you deserve to be treated Thanks for the wonderful year. Sure it was hard some times (hehe I said hard) but it was and will be well worth it in the end. It’s amazing how our love for each other continues to grow stronger each day, week, month and year. I hope and know that it will always do just that. I look forward to spending lots of quality time with you. I really want to share your life and everything thats in it with you. I keep thinking about our weekend which is soon coming up. I will give all I have to help you be happy. Hails to my true love, and best friend!

Last year I had some great friends too, one of which stands out in my head more than any. Hails Lorri (the true Dio chick)! You’re great. thanks for being there when I needed someone. I kinda miss hanging out in that chat room and chatting. It used to be fun. I just can’t seem to get into it anymore. hehe Anyways I want to take the time to say good luck with the new year and all the killer things it may bring!

Hails to everyone cool whom I’ve met online! In this online world full of shit there aren’t many who true, but there are some. You all rock and are just fun to bullshit with. If given the opportunity I would wanna meet a lot of ya.

Now last but not least, I have a lot of great friends up the mountains. They’re all great and alot of fun to be around. Maybe soon I’ll be able to get up there and party some more. Anyways, I hope there’s a cold beer waiting for me this spring.

  • Saturday April 1, 2000

Well it would seem today that someone had some time to waste so they came to my site and left me the comment which I have put below;

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by devildogg512 ( on Saturday, April 1, 2000 at 15:12:04

comments: what in the hell was the point to this web sight there wasn’t any evil crap. just your ugly wasted my are a fat ugly imbred looking faget and i wish you would take your “waste of time, websight” off the dammedinternet!!!!!!!

Look at the most wonderful comment I got from this asshole. I thought I would answer his question. The point of this “websight” is because I can! No one forced him, or forced anyone else who is here to come to this site. Instead of whining like a little bitch just leave. A question I have is reffering to the quote “there wasn’t any evil crap.” Where and when did I claim there was any thing evil here? Besides the point of whether there’s anything evil here or not isn’t whether or not something is evil a matter of opinions? Thought that I’d let him know I got a good laugh out of his comments, and also I’d like to point out that “imbred” and “faget” are not words. Come back any day you moron and please allow me to waste more of your time.

And by the way I’m sorry to disappoint your stupid ass but my site is here to stay :)

  • Tuesday March 28, 2000

##Metal lives I used to be the be one of those people who thought that Metal was slowly going away. Now thanks to bands such as HammerFall, Dio and others I know its going strong and will rise higher than ever before. And no I don’t mean that glam shit from the 80s, nor do i mean this so-called “meta” here in the U.S. such as korn and limp bizkit and slipknot. These are just SHIT. Those pussies will change to what ever makes money. True metal will never change unless they want to.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about the fact that my life will be changing a lot over the next year. A lot of them changes are outright scary, but worth it. Changes are a big part of our lives and some of them can be worth worrying. I am going to have to learn a whole new town. A knew house, and a new way of life. These things may be difficult but they’ll be more than worth it in the long run. I know that the time is not here yet but I can taste it. That’s what makes me think about it and worry. I know I have not a reason to worry but still I do. But music makes it better :)

just thought I’d say that although lives may change, and anything in your life may change, music will always be your best friend.

##Aol breeds retards….

Yes, I have an aol account. The service is quite shitty but its entertainment none the less. When im on aol, I usually am in the chat room music - metal. There’s a bunch of people who go in there that truly do know a lot about metal. They all know who they are too. But there are also a lot of stupid assholes too who know nothing and have an intelligence level that is below pond scum. Here I will discuss and bitch about them.

First of all we have the bitch about stuff they don’t like. Like for example instead of saying slipknot sucks they find that they have to say shitknot sucks. Well that was kinda funny the first time but its old. And the person who says this didn’t even think of it them self. They saw someone else say it and copied it. They have more than likely never heard of slipknot and probly never will. yet they feel they can sit there and bitch. If you ask them why the band they say sucks does suck they just don’t answer.

Next we have the people who have a new “aol boyfriend/girlfriend” every two weeks. These people are really so pathetic it is sad. When their “aol love” leaves the room then they can “be bad” because they aren’t allowed to talk to a person of the oposite sex when their aol love is there. The funny part of this is that these people that are like this are in their late 20’s or 30’s in age. I don’t beleive this. But if they really are that age they need to grow the fuck up and act it. Go out and meet some real people for a change. The sun really doesn’t hurt ya :) Go out and find something to do other than have fucking cyber sex!

And finally we come to what I believe are the most pathetic form of people who enter that room. You see Aol has this wonderful feature that you can ignore someone with if you don’t want to see what they have to say. I have a problem with people who are just plain stupid so I use that feature on a regular basis :) Well some of the people who are sad enough to have earned that immediate ignore whine that I ignore them or they call me names as if it were going to hurt me.

What this all means to me is that it seems Aol makes the stupid people look even stupider than they are in real life. Thank you fuckin morons for all the laughs. And Hail to all those who truly do know what real metal is !!

  • 12-2-99

Well lately I have been thinking alot of not wanting to spend the new year alone. I know I wont be spending it alone, next year is a fresh start. The most important thing of next year will be us giving each other rings. The material aspect of the rings is unimportant. What matters is the meaning of the rings and what the symbolize. In contrary to what certain closed minded fools who know both me and my better half were dead wrong. They claimed this person was out to play with my heart. If they would have taken 5 minutes to look past there own judgmental ways they would have seen the truth. They once considered me a good friend to them. now they may accept the friendship as void or nonexistent. On to more important things, back to the ring.

The ring symbolizes unconditional love. Love which never second. We will both hold the highest place in each other’s hearts forever. There will be no friends coming first. We will both have time for our friends, but never will let them come ahead of each other.

Another thing the ring symbolizes is that our love is unconditional. We will always feel the same about each other, nothing can change that. the feelings will never fade but only grow stronger.

An important thing the ring will mean is that our love is unbreakable. No one can interfere. we trust each other with all we have. I know in my past a certain person who will rename nameless chose to believe friends over me. That to me said that was not real love :) Me and my true love are not like that. we have each other’s full trust. A little bitch has already tried to interfere failed miserably. Another person tried to use guilt to push us a part but he also failed. The Most important thing the ring means is forever. Forever is how long we will be together. We both know what we want and that is to have each other. I cannot wait till the day I can slide that ring on her finger so slowly. This is what i have been thinking about and what keeps me going.


  • 12-18-99

I am sick and tired of all this new millennium bullshit. The year 2000 is NOT the beginning of the new century. It is the last year of the 20th century. For those who are too lazy to figure it out. 2000 years have not yet passed. The Calendar started at 1 AD, this means there was no year 0. therefore the first millennium ended at 1001, 2nd will end at 2001. This means the 2nd millennium is not going to begin until the end of 2001. So to all the people who are not intelligent enough to realize that 2000 is the 999th day of the 2nd millennium go learn something for a change.

Something that pisses me off is how the media (especially the news) says its the end of the millennium. The sad part of it all is that people who do the news are usually well educated. They just use that bull shit to get your attention. People Will believe nearly anything they hear on the news.

The worst of all the people who misuse the changing of the millennium for advertising. They take advantage of people’s stupidities and peoples willingness to believe what they are told.. I laugh at all the commercials on TV and on the radio and web sites who use this.

  • 12-29-99

Okay, today’s rant is the treatment of children. Children are a wonderful gift to have. There are to many stupid and lazy parents or who ever else is responsible for the children anymore who dont give two shits about there kids unless something happens. Many times there are accidents involving children which can be prevented. One Example is just yesterday here in the area where I live. Two nine year old boys were out by them selves and fell through thin ice. Why was there no parents near them? Because most likely they were sitting at home on there fat ass watching tv or something. Someone on the news just said there should be a fence there. What a crock of shit this is! watch your god damn kids lazy parents. Another example of a dumb ass being responsible for children is last spring up the mountains where I go, there was a seven year old boy who was apparently left alone. Right in the area where this boy was staying is a small lake. The water is 30 feet deep plus there is a 30 foot drop off to get to the water. The boy being like any other 7 year old boy was playing near the edge. Apparently no one saw him cuz they were too busy or some lame bullshit excuse because he drowned there. I heard someone say that there should have been a fence there. Actually, the people who are responsible for children should use some common sense. And finally the most sickening example to me which I will put here is one from last summer. There was a three year old boy in New Jersey. I can’t remember exactly where, but he lived one block from the bay. Well. Well this three year old boy fell into the bay, his mother (i beleive it was) said a seven year old was with him and that he probably pushed him in. She went on to say that the seven year old “had problems” and he was a bad kid. After she said she knew this she still left her three year old go a block from there house to the boardwalk. The boy drowned while his mother was on her fat ass in bed talking on the phone. The Whole point of this rant today is that anyone who has children should watch them closely, Stop waiting for an accident to happen then feel sorry after it does. Accidents involving children happen every day. They can happen to anyone. I am also tired of the bullshit of parrents blaming accidents on anyone but themselves. If you disagree with this EAT SHIT AND DIE!

  • 12-31-99

The end of the year has nearly arrived and Its time to look back at the year gone by. I can say this was the best and happiest year I’ve ever had. Sure, there were bad times but the good times outnumbered them by far. This was the year that I let go of the past. I’ve been close with a special person. She knows who she is and she’s done nothing but listen to me and want to make things better. Her and I have shared a lot of laughs, smiles, and overall good times. We’ve had a lot of excellent conversations. We both have interests in the same things :) We’ve talked about our futures and our goals in life. The goals we have for our selves all are the same, this leads us to being together at some time in the near future. We’ve listened to each other when we were upset. This year is our year. May the four of us have an awesome year :) Then comes the time with my friends up the mountains. Every one of yall up there are kick ass people and you know it. Frank your the keeper of the cold beer. Kelly, ya old fuck, your the keeper of the wisdom.. Hell I’ll never know as much as you. Bobby.. the keeper of the “Light in black”, my partner in crime, and my drinkin partner rock the fuck on brother!! T2 Shall rise again! Sledge, your just the sledge!! Charlie the keeper of my baby ya fat fuck! I didn’t mean to get ya knocked up lol. and Nork the keeper of the grove of lights. and all the rest of ya I can’t think enough to name, know one thing. I look forward to sharing some cold beers with ya as soon as i make it up there. Until then I hope you all have a good year. Now to those friends or other people I know from online. Its always fun hanging out in the room and chatting once i na while. All of you rock the fuck on! I look forward to lots more laughs and smiles and hopefully i can make at least some of you laugh some of the time. And a special note to those who like to cyber in the room, get a fuckin life.
Now to those who have turned on me or in other ways tried to interfere. I have something extra special for you. I give you an extra loud FUCK YOU!!!!! Perhaps this year those of you will grow up and open your hypocritical minds and realize there’s always more than one side to a story. I hate to break the bad news to you but you DO NOT know stuff that you think you do. Every situation is different and should be treated that way. Just because you’ve seen it happen with or to other people does not mean it will happen again. A special note to one person in particular, Remember on that lonely nite when it seems no one cares to truly listen to you and what you feel and think, remember that your own childish behavior lost you the two best friends you ever had. This year has helped me grow as a person in many ways. Thank you all. Those most important lesson is that for those of you who are lonely, remember there is someone out there just as lonely and searching for you. Have a safe and happy new years. And of course do not drive drunk because your endangering innocent people. and besides that you may spill your drink :) Also do not drive under the influence of any kind of drugs.

  • 1-1-00

Well 1999 belongs to the past forever. we have a bright and happy future full of great surprises. I am looking forward to them along with you. May many years of happiness and brand new memories be shared by us.

For this year and the years to come I resolve to be more patient and not let little things get to me so easily. I also resolve to never take anyone’s shit again. Over last spring and last summer I took shit from people that should not have happened. It won’t happen again.

I also resolve to share our future as one. I am not going away anyplace. I will always be right there for you. I also resolve to keep and live by those unwritten vows.

You know