Fitness Goals

I, like almost anyone else, have various fitness goals. My goals aren’t really the typical get abs type of thing, though. Abs to me just imply that I’m not eating enough.

Perfect form

Really, this is my biggest fitness related goal but is really unachievable, and I know that. Every single lift that I perform, I want to have perfect technique. It’s certainly gotten a lot better over the past 8 years or so, but perfect is impossible. There will always be something that I can improve.

Squat 315

This is definitely a big one for me. I just have not been able to get past that mental road block of 305. Granted, I haven’t tried in quite a while now and will likely max out this summer. I have felt like I have it in me for quite some time now and should have had it when I last attempted it a couple of years back, but my brain shut it down. The last two times I did a heavy single, things were happening that made me not push to 100%. Quad pop last summer then COVID for Christmas

Muscle Up

Muscle ups are one of those things I just can’t practice here at home We don’t have the ceiling height so that I could have rings or a bar high enough, but at the same I feel that I could do them with a little practice. I feel like I’m strong enough now to do them. Hopefully, we can get to one of those fitness parks some day and I can give it a few attempts.

Body weight Strict Press

This is one of those goals that I really would like to achieve some day. I don’t know if it’s one I can ever realistically have a chance at it, though. I’ve been stuck at around 20 pounds short of body weight for quite a while now. I haven’t gone heavier than 160 in years, but that weight’s feeling easier for me. I know age isn’t on my side for this one, but I hope to make it someday.