This will have various online tools that I use regularly or even if I just found them useful once or twice.

  • Emoji List, v15.0 - This is a list of emoji characters that are supported under Unicode.
  • LanguageTool - LanguageTool has been very helpful for me. My brain is good at math and problem-solving, but not so great at grammar and spelling. It's useful enough to me that I paid for the subscription.

Web / Internet

  • BGP.Tools - It is useful for looking up DNS and peers and that sort of stuff which I tend to check into before trying out a host.
  • DNS Checker - When switching hosts and IPs the DNS propagation can be strange. I use this site to keep an eye on it so I know I can wipe the old server.
  • The W3C Markup Validation Service - The HTML validator use useful for making sure there are no errors in your HTML. With Hugo I really don't have to worry about it unless I am editing shortcodes and templates.


  • 5/3/1 Calculator - I use an app now but I used to use this calculator to calculate my 5/3/1 cycles the last time I did it a few years back when I was testing out the program.
  • Smolov Jr. Calculator - Smolov Jr. is an intense program for increasing and peaking strength. We did it in the old Crossfit gym and I used this calculator.


  • - This is a great website that really helps explain some things about shell. You can enter a command there and the site breaks it down, explaining each part.
  • The Regex Cheat Sheet - This is really useful If I can't quite wrap my brains around a regex. It's a great tool for those of us that don't get enough practice in.
  • Unicode Character Table - This is my go to site when I want to look up a Unicode Character. You can search and it will give a list and also includes varies formats that you can copy into your document or whatever.

Search Engines

  • infotiger - Another privacy respecting search engine worth checking out.
  • Kagi Search - Kagi is a newer search engine that I am checking out. So far so good. It claims privacy and no ads. The catch is there is a $10 a month subscription.
  • Marginalia Search - Marginalia Search is another privacty focused search engine. They favor text heavy websites.
  • Wiby - Wiby is a cool search engine that only indexes and shows older style web pages. It's great for nostalgia and non bloated website.