Youtube Channel Links

Here will be some links to some of the Youtube channels that I like. We all know that findability on Youtube just sucks unless you’re searching for what they think you want and will profit the most off of.

Retro Computers and Tech

  • Techmoan - This guy has lots of interesting videos about old tech.
  • The 8 Bit Guy - This channel focus on old computers mostly from the 80s and 90s.



  • PBS Space - An Excellent physics type of Youtube channel.
  • SEA - This channel has all sorts of videos about space.
  • What If - This is a really interesting channel exploring random What ifs. What if gravity dispersed and stuff like that.


  • Ben Eater - Good channel with good explorations of electronics and stuff like that..
  • EEVblog - An Excellent channel about electronics and engineering.
  • Technology Connections - How some things work..
  • The Engineering Mindset - Lots of interesting videos explaining how things work.
  • WallieB26 - What brought this channel to my attention was searching for exploration of abandoned places.


  • Ozzy Man Reviews - Ozzy Man Reviews is great. He describes other videos using his Australian accent.