Hibiscus Grown From Cuttings

Hibiscus plants can be propagated from a cutting. I had read that it’s possible, but never tried it until last winter. When I brought our big plant in, one of the branches broke when it hit the door frame, I guess. I noticed it cracked, so I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot.

I didn’t do anything special with it apart from making a clean cut above where it was split and then stuck it in a glass of water, so we could see whether any roots developed. We had it sitting in our sunniest wind available over the winter, and that only gets a couple of hours of sun in the morning since it’s east-facing and blocked by the house next door. Within a few weeks, little white bumps started developing on the woody stem that was in the water. Over the next month or two, they became small white roots. It eventually began to grow new buds ever so slowly.

Finally, in the spring when we got some potting soil, I put it in a pot with dirt and began taking it outside to get it used to the sun. The small buds began slowly opening up and becoming small leaves. The other leaves began to grow slowly larger.

It was a slow process, but it was over the winter when, from what I have read, the plant is resting and isn’t the ideal time to root it.