My Mount Joy, Pa Personal Weather Station's Daily Summary For Saturday, March 12, 2022

Started out the day in the 40s. When the rain started the temperature started crashing. Right about sunrise it started mixing with then rapidly changed to all snow. We ended up with maybe 4-5 inches of snow on our patio table. There was no way to be accurate after the last band because the featured as much blowing snow as the very heavily falling snow. About 4:00 PM the sun started to peak out between the clouds. Shortly after the skies cleared. We had some bigger gusts that were lost by my weather station because the power went out. Sadly the console for my Ambient Weather station doesn’t have a battery backup.

TemperatureDew Point Feels Like
Average30.9 ℉ 26.3 ℉ 28.1 ℉
Today's High45 ℉43 ℉45 ℉
Today's Low19.4 ℉5.5 ℉5.1 ℉
Range25.6 ℉ 37.5 ℉ 39.9 ℉
Yesterday's High59.5 ℉40.8 ℉59.5℉
Yesterday's Low27.3 ℉25.8 ℉27.3 ℉
High Difference-14.5 ℉ 2.2 ℉-14.5 ℉
Low Difference-7.9 ℉ -20.3 ℉-22.2 ℉
AverageHighLow Range
UV Radiation MaxSolar Radiation Max
1107.7 W/m²
Wind9.4 mph29.5 mph
Gust20.6 mph29.5 mph
Daily Rain Max HourlyEvent RainYesterday's RainWeekly RainMonthly RainYearly Rain
0.17″0.12″ per hour0.17″ 0″0.82″0.84″5.47″
Strikes Per Hour0
Strikes Per Day0
The last lightning strike detected was 3 days ago.