July 2021 Philly Area Flash Flood Emergency

The summer of 2021 was a wild one severe weather wise in Bensalem and the Philly area. On July 12th heavy thunderstorms set up and trained over a very local area. Lower Bucks county and the areas near by had thunderstorms trail over them for several hours.

Up to 10 inches of rain fell in a few hours. Flash flood emergency warnings were put up because of the severity of the flash flooding. Places that haven’t flooded since at least Agnes were flooded. Bristol, Croydon and Bensalem were the hardest hit areas.

Places that don’t flood were flooded with probably hundreds of water rescues going on. I know there were boats and fire departments from upper Bucks county at my mom’s apartment which was later condemned. She lived near where the old Red Lion Inn was in those apartments

She texted me some pictures before she was evacuated.

Flooding in Bensalem at my mom's apartment.

Flooding In Bensalem

This picture is of the flash flooding in Bensalem from my mom’s apartment at the time..

From the pictures I saw and posts from people I grew up with plus the news it looks like it was certainly some extreme flash flooding. There seemed to be just water everywhere but it went down as fast as it came up. Lots of people were left without homes in the aftermath of things though. I guess there fortunate thing is there weren’t any reports of injuries or fatalities from it.

Luckily due to the small size of the areas of heavy rains and the location of them the Delaware River didn’t flood.