July 29th 2021 Tornado Outbreak

While the weather in my back yard this summer has been somewhat boring off to our east it’s been a different story all together.

The set up was a deepening low pressure system near Lake Ontario. It’s warm front was near the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. This tends to make the winds in the atmosphere have more sheer and that’s exactly what happened today. Out here there was a lot of cloud cover keeping the temperature and instability down a bit. Storms blew up as they moved to our east.

Shortly after they passed this area one started showing a super cellular nature on radar. It was quickly tornado warned and did produce a tornado.

NWS Mount Holly was issuing strongly worded warnings for these which I don’t remember ever seeing in this area, but they verified. Bensalem had a EF-3 tornado. I’d called my mom to tell her it was going to pass essentially right over her hotel, Her apartment was condemned from the flood.

She didn’t listen to me and went outside and thought it was strange there was no one around with stuff flying. That tornado destroyed a car dealership right up the road from her, and I’m sure she was seeing debris from it. The winds for that tornado maxed out at 140 miles per hour.

It did a decent amount of damage to an industrial area and crossed the turnpike. It took a sign from the turnpike and part of that sign landed a half mile downstream.

Mount Holly confirmed 9 other tornadoes in their forecast area for the July 29th outbreak. It was a day to remember watching those long-lasting supercells. It just doesn’t happen that often around here. back