Storm Of The Century 1993

It was predicted by the models 5 days in advance which wasn’t a thing that really happened back then. Obviously the models and data have gotten a whole lot better now then they were back then.

A super interesting weather event I remember really enjoying being able to watch unfold was the super storm of 1993. How I’d truly love to see a repeat of that one especially living here in Central Pennsylvania rather that Just outside of Philly. I’ve never seen it sleet as hard as it did that day when the last squall line came through and never have heard wind or saw wind like that since then either.

A squall tornadoes crossed Florida and Cuba. The derecho produced straight line wind gusts in access 100 mph in many areas as it crossed the peninsula ahead of the cold front. The storm system produced 11 tornadoes. It produced a storm surge higher than many hurricanes in areas along the gulf coast of Florida

It dumped heavy snows from six inches in the Florida panhandle to 60 inches Tennessee. There were lots of broken records that day. I remember going to the mountains a couple of weeks later and there still being 5 foot drifts.

In Bensalem we had something like a foot of snow then blowing drifting sleet with insane winds at times. Right about the time the center of the storm was passing over we had a squall line with blinding sleet and thunder and lightning and the strongest winds I can remember experiencing. It was cool watching the sleet blowing and drifting.

It was a very large storm with very low pressure setting records up the East Coast as it continued deepening. At its peak the superstorm was affecting Central America to Canada. We were lucky enough be pretty much at the center of the storm as it passed over, but that did hurt us in the snow department since we got the change over to sleep.