Personal Records

This will be my up to date PRS and such. More or less for my own use and be easily accessible anytime or any place without relying on 3rd party apps and such. Simple works better than complex for some things. The apps were always either, shitty, wanted all sorts of permissions or went away. This way I control all my data and can access it from any device with an internet connection.

Lifting PRs

Lift PR Weight Date Notes
Back Squat 305 2019 Got under 315 on this day and was moving up with it when my brain aborted
Back Squat 250 x 20 2021
Back Squat 275 x 5 2022 Didn’t even feel that bad. I think there’s more in the tank
Bench Press 215 2020 Felt pretty decent. I fell I make 225 if I hadn’t bumped the j cups on the way down. .
Bench Press - five reps 195 11-22-2020 3x5 at this weight.. felt pretty good.
Bent Over Rows 215 2019
Clean 215 2019 Almost a power clean
Clean And Jerk 205 2018
Dead Lift 335 2019 Mental block when the bar bends for me + weak grip
Front Squat 273.5 2019 Gotta love fractional plates some times.
Front Squat - five reps 240 2021
Over Head Squat 135 2019
Power Clean 205 2019 I Did 210 in the gym over a year ago. It felt like a low power clean. No video to confirm it though so I don’t count it
Snatch 140 2018
Strict Press 160 2018 I realized I was easily strict pressing 135 so when to see how far I could go that day.
Strict Pull Ups 13 2019 )Grip gives out first on these
Weighted Pull ups 90 2021 100 was close but not quite there.

Rowing PRs

I haven’t really tested some of the shorter ones. I just don’t want to fall back into old habits of very high inefficient stroke rates.

Benchmark Rows Result Date Difference Notes
500 Meter Row 1:40.7
Half Marathon Row 1:37:59.1 12/31/19 4:37.7 There was more in the tank. Didn’t really push myself as much as I should have
1,000 Meter Row 3:44.1 08/22/14 Death - ridiculously high stroke rate with weak pulls
2,000 Meter Row 7:51.1 08/19/14
5,000 Meter Row 21:28.4 03/04/18 Have come within seconds since but just short of beating it
10,000 Meter Row 46:20.7 12/20/19 Felt surprisingly easy
4 Minutes Of Rowing 1014 Meters 04/19/15
30 Minutes Of Rowing 6,736 Meters 12/28/19 287 meters Left too much in the tank

Benchmark WODS

Name Score Date Notes
Cindy 11 Rounds 2017 I think I can’t seem to get passed this. I can’t seem to learn to kip
DT 14 Something 11-02-2018 Used 135 this time. Felt I could have used the RX 155
Grace 5:37 08-08-2018 40 second PR.. tried quick singles instead of sets RXed
Karen 7:42 2015 Karen will never be fast as it could be for me due to vision.