Fitness and everything else


I was the kid that didn’t do sports unlike my brothers and that was due to my low vision and restrictions from cornea transplants. Later on I wanted to be fit but instead I slowly got fatter.

Growing up I have always been interested in learning weightlifting. I wanted to lift weights but that wasn’t really available to me and didn’t have the means to get to a gym. Back then lifting meant big and how much do you bench, neither of which I really cared too much about. Everyone else always thought I meant bench press and bicep curls.

Eventually we joined a gym here in town and then wound up in Crossfit.. Now we do the constantly varied Crossfit. type of workouts in our fairly complete garage gym and also do strength stuff in addition to it. This has been the greatest thing we’ve done I think.

We’ve acquired a decent amount of fitness Equipment over the past years from many places. Mostly good stuff and here’s places I would recommend.

I have some Fitness Goals

Here Are some my PRs

I’ve also been doing Street Parking’s version of Starting Strength

There are many fitness related terms and abbreviations . Here I will try to add and define them as I think of them with no strings attached.

I am and was born legally blind. Contrary to what many would expect visually impaired people are able to get to be in great shape. Here is my thoughts and tips on visually impaired fitness and any adaptions I make or tips I can offer..

Most people have an entire list of frequently used excuses of why they can’t do sollmethikng to get healthier now