First Week Of 5/3/1 In The Books

- 2 minutes, 297 words
It has been a long time coming, but I finally switched my strength program to 5/3/1. I read the first book years ago and was going to try it out then when we were still going to Crossfit, but didn’t.

Had To Close The Doors And Windows Due To A Fire Pit

- 3 minutes, 470 words
I guess we were spoiled with it being too hot and humid this summer. The jackass neighbors haven’t been using their fire pit. Guess it was too inconvenient for them. Today was a very nice evening, with the temperature in seventies. It was a great night to relax and watch the Phillies with the doors and windows open. I knew they started their fire when my nose started itching and eyes burning.

Great Day Lifting And Did Ok On A WOD

- 3 minutes, 556 words
I had a good night’s sleep. Today is still warm and very humid, but a good bit cooler than it has been. That helped me have a great day lifting early this morning before 9:00 AM. I also did a WOD around lunchtime.

Bench Felt Good Today

- 3 minutes, 545 words
It was another hotter than hell day today, but thankfully the air conditioner works well. I got my lifts in and everything felt pretty good. The bench felt better than I expected, after last time.

Picked Up A Weighted Vest

- 3 minutes, 539 words
I have been thinking about picking up a weighted vest for years. I didn’t know how it would work for me, and they were pretty pricey, so I never did until I saw one cheap on Amazon. Today it arrived, and I tried it out, and it was a good pickup.