Good Longer WOD

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I have been wanting to do the WOD that Street Parking had programmed on Thanksgiving since it was posted. Last week I was feeling a bit off, so I held off in it since I knew it was going to be a longer one.

Good To WOD After A Lazy Week

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Last week I was lazy when it came to WODing. I did a couple and barely did my lifts. I had just been feeling so tired with a stuffy head. In hindsight, I may have had a bit of a bug. Felt great to get outside and do a WOD today.

Double Bad Websites

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This morning I clicked a link to a news article about something, and as it turns out the website was a heap of shit. It was a new low for annoyances, with a sticky header that took ⅔ of the page and an autoplay video in it.