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Dogwoods Blooming At The Park

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We were finally able to get out for a nice walk this evening. There’s just been too much going on. We saw some dogwoods blooming at Memorial Park.

The Bulbs At The Corner Are Flowering

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There are a bunch of various types of bulbs that someone planted in the vacant lot across the street. They’re in full bloom now. I noticed them this morning.

First Daffodil I Noticed Blooming

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We got out for a nice walk this evening after supper. The trees are blooming, and some bulbs are starting to flower.

Some Of The Trees Are Blooming

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Today I noticed or at least took the time to go get a picture of some of the trees that are blooming. This year they’re not going all at once but instead they’ve been more one at a time.

Thunderstorms In The Area

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Here it is March 19th and after our mid 70s spring like day a broken line of thunderstorms was moving through the area in the evening. We were between cells so we got nothing more than some very light drizzle. We did get to see some lightning in the distant thunderstorm off to our south east and a red rainbow since it was just about at sunset.

Nice Sunset For A Change

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This evening I noticed a pretty nice sunset for a change. Those are harder to see here in the winter because of the neighbors’ houses mostly blocking it.

Decent Snow Storm After A Mediocre Winter

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It’s the middle of March, and we’re finally getting a decent snow storm. The storms so far this winter have been mostly mediocre around here at best. We ended up with three or four inches.

More Pictures From Today's Snow Storm After The Sun Came Out

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I have always liked seeing fresh snowfall on the trees and stuff when the sun first comes out after a storm. Today was one of those chances I got to see that before it melts or blows off.

A Different Kind Of Good Sunrise This Morning

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This morning we had a nice sunrise but it was more about the clouds glowing pink off to the north instead of the horizon..

Good sunrise this morning

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This morning we had another good sunrise. It was a bright and colorful one with the clouds off to the east and overhead.