Sunset From The Train

It was nice to unwind and sit back on the train on the way home from seeing the Phillies. I found myself half zoning out from being so tired from the lack of sleep last night. Damn excitement! The sun beating down on me helped me feel more tired, too.

As we were nearing Gap, PA, out in eastern Lancaster County, I noticed the sky brightening up. It was close to sunset. The clouds had mostly filled the sky by that time, with some showers just to our north. That gave us a fairly colorful sky with a decent mix of colors. Of course, I had to take a picture of it. Unfortunately, the window does show reflections from the internal lights, but it was still nice to see the show.

Sunset From The Train

This picture shows somewhat colorful clouds in the sky from a train window.  Unfortunately there's also a reflection of the internal lights.

The picture was hard to get without blurry trees and stuff in it. I figure the train was probably going around 110 miles per hour in that section of track. The sky was also quite a bit brighter a minute before this but we were in thicker trees so a picture wasn’t possible.

It got me thinking that I bet it would be nice to sleep in a sleeper car on a long trip. The white noise and gentle rocking of the train do seem like they’d be relaxing.