Our Hibiscus Is Still Doing It's Thing

Well, Our Hibiscus plant that the squirrel ate last fall has been blooming a bit and slowly improving all winter. It’s bloomed off and on as the old buds continued to grow, and is slowly regaining leaves.

Over the past few weeks the growth has been speeding up and a whole new wave of buds appeared. Today it has 5 flowers in various stages of being open with a couple of more buds getting ready to open.

It's March 9th and our hibiscus currently has five flowers

Five flowers on Our Hibiscus in March

It’s March 9th and our hibiscus currently has five flowers

It’s definitely been pretty cool to have this thing blooming all winter and watch it improve. It’s nice to have some color in the house during the winter when everything is dead. I’m glad we took a chance and brought it in two years ago.

I guess it won’t be too much longer until it’s time to take it back outside for the summer. Lesson learned from last spring is to slowly increase the sun exposure, so it doesn’t get sun burnt again.