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Another January Hibiscus Flower

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It’s almost February now and I noticed that our hibiscus had a flower that opened. It’s a nice change of pace from the temperature in the bedroom being in the upper 40s.

Our Hibiscus Is Still Getting Some Flowers

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It’s January now and our hibiscus plant that we brought in for the winter is still getting occasional flowers.

My Hibiscus Cutting Is Definitely Rooting In Water

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Today I took a look at my hibiscus cutting that I’ve had in water for a few weeks. It definitely has little white root bumps that are very noticeable now.

Looks Like My Hibiscus Cutting May Be Starting To Root

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I’ve been wanting to try rooting a new hibiscus plant from the one we currently have and got the chance to try it out. It seems to be getting tiny white bumps on the stem that’s in the water.

Our Hibiscus Is Still Doing It's Thing

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Our hibiscus is still alive after the squirrels ate it up last fall. It’s been blooming and slowly improving all winter while it has been in the house.

Our Hibiscus Has Lots Of little Flower Buds

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It’s really been sort of surprising and interesting to watch how our Hibiscus plant is coming back again. A squirrel ate it bare right before we brought it save a few pieces of leaves and flower buds. It took a couple of months but those buds eventually opened and new smaller leaves appeared. There are still small leaves but they’re slowly getting bigger. The thing that has been surprising to me is that it keeps getting flower buds.

Our Hibiscus Is Blooming A Couple Of Months After A Squirrel Ate It Bare

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Last fall I moved our Hibiscus plant from the front yard to the patio to be nearer to the garage door to make it more convenient to bring in for the frosty nights. The first morning bringing it outside again I noticed some damage. I figured I banged it into the door frame carrying it and it lost those leaves. it got worse each day. Maybe it’s adjusting to less light and lower temperatures I thought.

Our Hibiscus Seems To Be Coming Back For The Second Time This Year

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Last winter we brought our Hibiscus plant in the house for the winter to see if we could keep the same one for the next summer. We’d tried it the year before but the garage got into the low 20s unexpectedly and it died. We didn’t realize how much insulation had fallen out of the ceiling and had no heat on. Last winter we had kept the current one inside the house but we don’t really having south facing windows that aren’t blocked by something so it got very little sun and in the spring it got none due to the sun angle changing and not having access to place the pot close enough to the window to be in the sun.