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My Hibiscus Cutting Is Definitely Rooting In Water

A few weeks ago we brought our hibiscus plant upstairs. The stairway was a bit too tight for the fairly large plant to fit through the doorways so one of the branches had cracked. I’d taken that as an opportunity to cut off the damaged part and make a clean cut on it at a leaf node and try rooting in in water.

I thought last week that the spots may be roots forming but they were too small to tell for sure and there weren’t many of them. Today I noticed that the new leaf is actually growing along with the other ones that were left there. I took it out of the water to take a look at the stem. Now I’m sure they’re roots starting as they’re becoming more like larger pointy bumps.

Hibiscus Cutting With Roots Starting

This is a picture of a cutting from our hibiscus plant. It's been in water for a few weeks and the little root bumps are definitely noticeable now as the white bumps on the stem.

I guess we’ll have to get some soil and a pot to plant it in soon. Once the roots start looking like roots I’d like to get that done.

It’s nice to know that it’s pretty easy to propagate our hibiscus plant this way. The information I saw searching on the interwebs was mixed. Too many bad SEO sites like that really are just usually at best half correct information generated to rank in google and sell ads.