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Another January Hibiscus Flower

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It’s almost February now and I noticed that our hibiscus had a flower that opened. It’s a nice change of pace from the temperature in the bedroom being in the upper 40s.

Our Hibiscus Is Still Getting Some Flowers

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It’s January now and our hibiscus plant that we brought in for the winter is still getting occasional flowers.

My Hibiscus Cutting Is Definitely Rooting In Water

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Today I took a look at my hibiscus cutting that I’ve had in water for a few weeks. It definitely has little white root bumps that are very noticeable now.

Looks Like My Hibiscus Cutting May Be Starting To Root

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I’ve been wanting to try rooting a new hibiscus plant from the one we currently have and got the chance to try it out. It seems to be getting tiny white bumps on the stem that’s in the water.

Our White Swamp Milkweed Is Doing Really Well In Pots

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Just for shits, I stuck some of the milkweed plants I started from seeds in pots that we had lying around the other year. They’ve come back up in those pots since. This spring they seem to be doing really well in the pots.

Our Rose Is Still Blooming

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our rose still has clusters of flowersThis is a photo of some red roses blooming on our rose bush. I looked out the front door this morning to see if we had any monarch butterflies flying around yet and the rose clusters caught my attention. The sun was hitting them just right that they were glowing super bright. I wanted to get a picture of it to post here but naturally my phone was dead and on the charger this morning.

Our First Rose Of The Year

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Our rose bush normally blooms sometime around new years for what ever strange reason but it didn’t get to do that this year. It used to change colors when we first got it but it never really grew that well for us. We assumed it was just dead. One winter we had to have the yard dug up to fix the sewer. That was a shitty day. Thanks neighbor’s tree roots!

Purple Flowers Across The Street

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I haven’t yet had any like identifying what these are for sure but I really haven’t put a ton of effort into discovering it either. It’s really just a curiosity but I thought I’d share the picture of some spring positivist. Purple flowers across the streetIn this picture there is a plant with small four petaled purplish pink flowers that are blooming. They come up every year and every year I wonder what they are but then forget to look deeper into it.

Our Pink Swamp Milkweed Is Coming Up

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Our pink swamp milkweed that we finally picked up last summer seems to be coming up again. We thought the original white one we got was the pink one but it was apparently mislabeled. It sucked that it wasn’t the one we got but the butterflies loved in none the less. We weren’t sure it was even going to come back up considering we didn’t buy it and plant it until August and the monarchs found it immediately.

Our Hibiscus Is Still Doing It's Thing

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Our hibiscus is still alive after the squirrels ate it up last fall. It’s been blooming and slowly improving all winter while it has been in the house.