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Crocuses Blooming Already

Someone that used to live nearby planted many flowers in an empty lot a few years ago. I think he may have moved away since I didn’t see him taking care of the flowers at all last year when in the past he was always out there. The bulbs keep coming up, and it’s a nice thing to see the flowers each year.

Driving past there yesterday, we noticed the flowers, so I had to go check them out today. I’m used to them blooming first in the spring, but I can’t seem to remember really ever seeing them in early February like this year.

We really haven’t had any sustained cold this winter yet, though. Sure, there’s been some cool weeks, but I can’t even think of a day it didn’t get above freezing like we usually have. If we have had those days, it’s been close. I don’t think we’ve even gotten close to the single digits for lows. There have been quite a few warm rainy days this winter.

Yesterday we had what seemed like a summer thunderstorm move through. There was no lightning or thunder, but it did get windy with blinding heavy downpours. That was one of the deepest storm systems we’ve had in our part of the world since last winter. It was just too far north and west to give us snow.

Early February and there are crocuses blooming.

Early February and there are crocuses blooming.