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Cold And Windy Day

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Today has been a cold and windy day with gusts getting up near 30 mph. The high was only near freezing though with lots of snow squalls around. Just not one here in Mount Joy.

Icy Sidewalks

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We got out for a nice walk this evening after supper. It was our first after supper walk I think since last fall that it wasn’t dark. It was nice not being blinded by the passing traffic’s headlights. There were a disappointing number of homes and businesses that didn’t clear the snow yesterday and just had an icy mess.

It Did Actually Snow Today!

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Even though the temperature has been above freezing all day, and it’s been warm, it did actually snow today. Some even accumulated in the areas that don’t get any of the strong solar radiation yet.

Nice Cold Front This Morning

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I feel like I remember cold fronts being much sharper when I was a kid. That could be just the bias of remembering bigger deals. This morning’s cold front featured a nice squall line with wind and quick drop in temperature and dew point

Overshot the Forecast High By Five Degrees Today

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I noticed this morning when I took Brooke to the bus stop that it felt pretty warm. My weather station showed it but it was a pleasant late winter morning out there today. I mean if it’s not gonna snow why be in the low teens? It was well into the 30s by 8:30 am and there was no wind yet. I came home and did a WOD while it was bright and sunny outside.

High In The 60s Means Unwinding On The Patio After The WODS

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I did the first WOD earlier. That was deadlifts and burpees. Not bad. The burpees slowed me down a decent amount do to space and not having room to trip over the bar safely. The deadlifts went really well. I chose 225 pounds for basically 4 a minute adding another burpee each minute and they felt light. I’m happy with that considering I haven’t been deadlifting or lifting anything heavy for that matter in a few months.

High In The 60s Yesterday and Today

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Well any trace of last weeks snow is long gone now. Yesterday It was warm and humid with a threat of showers that never did happen. Even had some sun poke through the clouds at times with temperatures in the 50s. Last evening it began to creep up with south winds. Around midnight I woke up and peaked at radar. A line of heavy rain was developing just to our west so I got up hoping for a thunderstorm.

This Cold Air Reminds Me Of Hunting Season At The Mountains!

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Last evening an Arctic cold front moved through with at least where I was at producing a nice snow squall with a dusting of snow. Kept hearing the wind all night and it kept reminding me of hunting season at eight bees, our place near Hazleton PA. While I didn’t hunt myself because of my poor eyesight I did go to the mountains during hunting season with my dad as I was growing up.

Zero To Sixty

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Yesterday’s high was in the mid 60s, that would be 60+ degrees higher than the low 5 days earlier. The only reminder of the cold few days before were the patches of snow left over in the shaded areas but by evening only a few remnants of piles were left. in hindsight and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it yesterday afternoon I should have opened a window to let some fresh outside air in the house.

February Tornado?

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This storm did produce a tornado in York County. When it got here you could definitely see that it was rotating. Well actually it more less just skirted my house but it was cool looking. Here’s what it looked like as it moved away to the north east. It was a really impressive looking storm for around here let alone in winter. Departing thunderstorm showing rotationThis is a photo of a departing thunderstorm showing rotation.

December 4.1 Degrees Below Average

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December was a cold month and fairly dry month. Harrisburg ended the month with the average temperature 4.1 degrees below normal. Pretty interesting how the blocking held up through out the month and even had a close call with a snow storm. It will be fun to see where January goes.

Record December Snowfall In Lancaster

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This season so far has been pretty good for snow. Saturday was our third snowfall of the year, and Lancaster set anew record December snowfall at 16 inches. Southern parts of the county received 20 inches or more, and northern parts received as little as 8 inches of snow. Here at home we got about a foot. Rain for Christmas though will probably help melt a lot of the snow away, then early January looks to be warmer.

Arctic Shot Next Week

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The cold has been building in Alaska for a while now and it has mostly stayed where it is. It looks like it will head straight down into the Midwest and north east US.. We’ll probably get below zero here but the NWS isn’t forecasting that yet. I imagine it’ll be pretty brutal just a bit north of here where there is snow cover on the ground and if it clears up at night.

Two Noresters Within A Week In May

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May 12 and two nice nor’easter in the past week. This has been an cool weather week for sure. They produced tornadoes in the Midwest and in the south and heavy rain in the mid Atlantic. They even had some snow today in the laurel highlands of Pennsylvania today. This most recent storm would have made an awesome winter storm. I think it would have been a great snow maker. It’s not too fast moving and keeping temps in the 40’s in May here would lead me to believe there would have been enough cold air for snow in the winter.

Cold Night

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It’s a pretty cold morning today for the end of February. My vantage pro2 recorded a low of 14.1 and the coldest it’s recorded this year has been 8 so it’s not that far off. Yesterday was chilly too. The wind made it feel even colder. It’s just a little more wasted cold. Today we should see a clipper move through the area but most of the snow will be to the north.

Snow And Lunar Eclipse In The Same Day

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Yesterday gave two very nice surprises. First one was the clipper left us more than an inch of very fluffy snow accumulation. It just kept snowing, with nothing showing on radar anywhere near us. My guess would have to be the precipitation was below the radar beam. Last night about 9pm we decided to run to the store to pick something up and the moon was out. It had cleared up in time for the lunar eclipse!

Fun Little Ice Storm

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Well this last storm was one of those times where the cold air just hangs tough at the surface. We ended up below freezing here until about 11am with freezing rain. Some of it was heavy. Cold air damming sure is fun to watch in action. It was a good thing state college issued the ice storm warning. The roads seemed to mostly stay wet but it was really accumulating on the trees and wires and other things.

2006-2007 Winter

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Meteorological winter is over now. As a snow lover the winter wasn’t really a great one. We really didn’t get all that much snow but we did have one interesting snow storm that turned to sleet and ice then the temperature dropped and froze everything as solid as a rock. That was a fun storm to watch develop. December and January were both warm months. The ground never froze. I didn’t really think we’d get any snow the way the winter was going.

More Ice On The Susquehanna River

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We decided to check out the ice on the river today. It was really cool on the York county side of the river. There seemed to be lots of pressure pushing the ice against the western banks. We could hear the ice squeaking and cracking as the water tried to push it. There was also plenty of broken pieces of ice on top and pushed up along the bank. There were also a few louder cracks out further.

Frozen Susquehanna River

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It’s been below freezing for a few days now. Actually it’s been getting into the single digits at night and teens in the day. We’ll be keeping an eye on the river for a while. Below will be a few pictures from today. Icy iceThis photo shows a couple of blocks of ice on top of the sheet ice on the river. River Ice Towards BridgesThis picture shows more ice on the frozen Susquehanna River.