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Decent Snow Squall Made It All The Way To Here

Had a nice little surprise burst of snow today when the snow squall actually survived okay coming off the mountains. Usually, they dry up pretty quickly before they get here. We weren’t home. We were on our way home from Lancaster when it moved it. To avoid driving in the snow squall, we waited a bit in Longs park to make sure to avoid jackasses driving in it in case it iced up.

There we had strong and gusty winds with a several minute period of moderate to heavy snow. No accumulation that we saw down there. I thought that there was the possibility and hoped there might be some lightning with the instability, but there was none that I saw.

Once we got to Mount Joy, there was a good dusting of snow on the grassy areas on the parked vehicles. It was still windy, but we missed the best wind.

Right when it hit, my weather station recorded a maximum gust of 37.6 mph and the temperature dropped from 41ish℉ to 29℉. I do wish that I’d been home for that.

It really was interesting to look at the data from my Ambient station with the rapid changes. Even the pressure rose rapidly for a little as the squall moved through.