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Two Thunderstorms Yesterday!

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Weather wise today was a pretty interesting day. All day long there was a strong south easterly wind. Eventually towards evening the clouds broke up and the sun came out for a bit. We had a decent thunderstorm in the evening then a better one a couple of hours later.

Cold And Windy Day

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Today has been a cold and windy day with gusts getting up near 30 mph. The high was only near freezing though with lots of snow squalls around. Just not one here in Mount Joy.

Thunderstorms In The Area

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Here it is March 19th and after our mid 70s spring like day a broken line of thunderstorms was moving through the area in the evening. We were between cells so we got nothing more than some very light drizzle. We did get to see some lightning in the distant thunderstorm off to our south east and a red rainbow since it was just about at sunset.

Icy Sidewalks

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We got out for a nice walk this evening after supper. It was our first after supper walk I think since last fall that it wasn’t dark. It was nice not being blinded by the passing traffic’s headlights. There were a disappointing number of homes and businesses that didn’t clear the snow yesterday and just had an icy mess.

It Did Actually Snow Today!

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Even though the temperature has been above freezing all day, and it’s been warm, it did actually snow today. Some even accumulated in the areas that don’t get any of the strong solar radiation yet.

Nice Cold Front This Morning

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I feel like I remember cold fronts being much sharper when I was a kid. That could be just the bias of remembering bigger deals. This morning’s cold front featured a nice squall line with wind and quick drop in temperature and dew point

Overshot the Forecast High By Five Degrees Today

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I noticed this morning when I took Brooke to the bus stop that it felt pretty warm. My weather station showed it but it was a pleasant late winter morning out there today. I mean if it’s not gonna snow why be in the low teens? It was well into the 30s by 8:30 am and there was no wind yet. I came home and did a WOD while it was bright and sunny outside.

Saw Some Virga Under A Cloud

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We were leaving the grocery store near sunset this evening and I noticed some cumulus clouds off to the northwest. I also noted some virga under it. That was probably snow flurries

It's A Rainy Day

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Today it is a rainy day. My middle finger is a bit angry from curling my step grandson yesterday. I did a lighter WOD than I normally have because of that. When we went for a walk in the evening, I had to jump in the puddles because life’s too short to not have fun.

Bensalem Storms Again

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This summer has certainly been the year for storminess back in Bucks County where I grew up. A few weeks ago they had the hundred year flash flooding where there was a lot of damage. Some of the pictures I saw online were of areas familiar to me that I didn’t think that the Poquessing Creek would be able to reach if it flooded. During that flash flooding my mom’s apartment buildings got flooded.

Heat Dome, The New Polar Vortex?

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Great, the media learned the term “heat dome.” Now they will be over using and abusing that term, like they do with “polar vortex.” It will be the new scary summer hype word.

It Turned Out Nice Today

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The forecast this morning was for the sky to remain cloudy all day today but shortly after lunch it cleared up. Not just breaks in the clouds but the sky fully cleared up and remained that way at least until after sunset save a few small clouds. After I watched Molly do her lifting and she recovered a few minutes we did today’s WOD outside on the patio. It’s too nice to pass up on an opportunity to do this and it was just the sort of WOD that will work outside.

The Humidity Has Arrived

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This morning when I woke up it was pretty nice out. Nice and cool. There was even a bit of sunshine earlier but the clouds quickly thickened. It was one of Those spring mornings where it feels mild but not too cold or too warm. It felt just right. We had some light rain and drizzle but it looked like it was threatening to do more than that. As the day went on the humidity crept up, assisted by the rainfall.

It Was Nice To Sleep With The Window Open

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I have always preferred sleeping with the window open. The fresh air and outside sounds just make me feel more relaxed and sleep better for some reason. It will be even better once the night time insects are out but it’s too early for that. There’s just something about the cooler night time air that makes me feel good. Maybe spending so much time outside while growing up, especially up the mountains with the ever so slight cooler evening breeze coming down into the valley while we were outside at the fire.

First Rainbow Of The Year And It's A Double Rainbow

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Molly just bitched at me saying I guess we won’t be going for a walk tonight because it’s raining. I looked outside and saw some blue to our north and said we’d be fine. I grabbed my tablet to come upstairs on the computer for a bit while we digest and relax a bit before going and noticed the sun was fully shining I thought I would go outside to see if there’s a rainbow because why not?

Pretty Good Thunderstorms Last Night

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I wasn’t expecting them really as it was cloudy most of the morning but then the sun popped out a bit. Later it mostly cleared up and the temperature shot up into the low 70s after remaining in the 60s for most of the day. Even with that the radar looked like only a few isolated showers and thunderstorms. It certainly was nice to relax outside in the hot sun this afternoon though, especially after my somewhat disappointing day in the gym.

Listening To The Wind Tonight

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I am sitting here hearing the wind occasionally and it’s reminding me a lot of going to the mountains with Pop and/or my dad as a kid growing up. My dad went more during the fall and winter for hunting plus at that time he wasn’t umpiring and my brothers weren’t playing baseball. One of the things that I remember so fondly is the first fall days like this which it would be cold and windy and the first snow flurries of the year which I’m sure they had today.

Pretty Good Thunderstorm For November

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I saw the pretty impressive squall line of thunderstorms moving through Ohio on the radar this morning and thought it would be cool if they made it over the mountains. They never do though in the fall I wasn’t expecting it. Fast forward to this evening they’re a county away with severe thunderstorm warning flying here. I still thought they would collapse as the approached like what seems to happen most of the time with these lines of storms.

Smoky Skies

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The weather forecast has been for it to be sunny for this week which was a nice change for what typically happens during my girlfriends vacation. The sky has been clear other than the dimmed sun and odd gray color from the smoke layer. I can’t remember a type when we had such noticeable smoke. Really the only other time I can remember smoke here in Pennsylvania from wild fires was back in the 80s or maybe 90s from large ones in West Virginia/ Virginia.

Not A Bad Thunderstorm After All

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This summer’s weather for the most part has been about the heat and humidity. It hasn’t been record breaking heat but it’s been pretty consistent save a few couple day periods of cool downs. Today was no exception to the norms of this summer’s weather. Another humid day with temperature in the 90s after a bit of a foggy morning. In the afternoon I noticed some clouds were building. Around 4 PM or near that time we had some light rain with some occasional distant rumbles of thunder.

Pretty Decent Thunderstorm Popped Up Just Before Hitting Us Today

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These past few days have been brutally hot with highs in the upper 90s again. We had a weak cold front move through yesterday but no thunderstorms or rain here. It did knock the humidity back a bit last night but came back as a warm front today so back to the nasty stuff again. Thankfully we had a nice thunderstorm form just to our west after others popped up and petered out or just missed us.

Pretty Good Lightning From A Storm That Was Just Missing Us

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It’s been a hot and very humid couple of days. Each day has featured thunderstorms and showers popping up but they have for the most part kept missing us. That’s a far cry from the past couple of years where if storms fired up it was over us or just before moving over us hence the flooding and nearly constant flash flood watches. This year they haven’t lined up with us.

It's About As Humid As It Gets Around Here

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Yesterday into this morning we’ve had dew points well into the mid 70s which aren’t that far off from the highest I’ve seen her which was pushing 80 during tropical systems in the summer. Just being constantly covered with sweat is one of the most annoying things to me. You can always add another layer in the winter to dress warmer but with heat and humidity you reach a point where there’s nothing you can do and this is one of those types of situations.

Yesterday's Derecho

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The bow started in Northwest Pennsylvania around eight in the morning with some warnings. It looked like they may be on a trajectory to hit us. We did get a decent thunderstorm here. Some moderate wind gusts and heavy rain with constant distant thunder were produced. Berks county and east of here is where the serious business was. We were on the southern edge of the line below the bow echo

Fast Moving Line Of Thunderstorms Today

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Not something you see too often At 1050 AM EDT, severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from near Catawissa to near Shamokin to Rebuck to Port Trevorton, moving east at 100 mph. Here in Mount Joy the storms were really nothing all that special. We were on the weakening southern end of the line. I just read that Reading recorded a 83 mph wind gust and a 76 mph gust in Montgomery County and a 75 mph gust in Chester County.

Mentally Tough Day Today With The Humidity

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What Can I say. It’s June and certainly time for this sort of weather. I’ve been spoiled by the springs persistent cooler weather with low humidity when it was a warmer day. Over the past few days that’s absolutely changed. Yesterday wasn’t necessary warm but it was very humid. Today it got into the mid to upper 80s again but with a dew point near 70. There was a nice strong south breeze at least to make it a little more tolerable.

Today's Humidity Is Nasty

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Today has been somewhat drizzly and very humid day. Dew point is in the low seventies with temperature only a few degrees higher than that so it’s just misty and drizzling. The remnants of Tropical Storm Bertha moving up to our west is exasperating the humidity. That and it’s environment are just adding more moister to the mix. The wetness today made for today’s WOD being what you would call very interesting for sure.

Another Windy Day Today

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Today has been a strange weather day here. It’s been surprisingly windy with strong easterly winds. The strongest winds during the spring around here tend to be from the southwest. It’s also very dry air today. It really feels to me like an early autumn day. You know the first cooler windier day of the fall except the winds are from the east today. I’d say the wind has been gusting into the 30 plus miles per hour range.

Finally A Warm Spring Like Day

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It took until today, May 15th to make the 80s this year. At least I don’t believe we’ve made it into the 80s yet. I think the best this year so far was 79 but not positive without going and looking at the records. It’s in the mid 80s and somewhat dry now. It was rainy and humid this morning and felt nasty when I did my strength workout for the day.

Wx, Finally A Weather App For Android Seems To Be What I Want

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Ever since I got an android phone I’ve been on the lookout for a weather app that could do everything I want in one place. I used arcus for a while and that was pretty nice. It was simple but was missing some stuff I’d like for it to have and now seeing they’re shutting down darksky, the source of their data I’m glad I moved a way from that a while back.

Pretty Impressive April Thunderstorm

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Incoming gust frontImpressive looking thunderstorm for April. While we didn’t get directly under the cell we did get the edge of it and it packed a lot of wind and plenty of thunder and lightning along with it. I wonder what it was like under that cell. We just got the tail end of it and gust front that was off to the south of it. There was a constant strong wind sound as it raced over us.

Pretty Good Morning Thunderstorm

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I got woken up a bit before 3 AM this morning but what I thought was thunder. I laid there in bed for a bit until I heard it again. I decided to get out of bed and go sit on the front porch to enjoy our first of hopefully many middle of the night thunderstorms, I got outside and it was actually still pretty mild. I would guess the temperature was in the mid to upper 50s with a steady wind from the west as the storms were approaching from the northwest.

First Thunder of 2020

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We’ve had off and off heavy if not torrential showers all day today but until the past few minutes I haven’t noticed any lightning or heard any thunder. I though I heard a few rumbles when I was getting a shower but I wouldn’t count that because it could have been a car or something. Western Pennsylvania has had sever thunderstorm warnings and even a tornado warning today but here in Central PA the convection has been more elevated.

Today Turned Out Really Nice!

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Today started out dreary like so many days this winter and spring have turned out but there was promise to maybe see some sunshine later. We went to the grocery store as soon as I got up and drank a cup of coffee and would you believe it? They actually had most of the stuff we needed! And the store wasn’t over flowing with people. Hopefully that is a sign that the excessive hoarding is dissipating.

Our First Eighty Degree Day?

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Today started out warm and very foggy with some light rain. Normal spring weather here until the ocean warms up. Towards the afternoon the clouds started thinking, and the temperature started warming up a bit. Finally, around 2:30 or 3:00 the humidity dropped and wind picked up with a clearing sky. The temperature shot up after that. It was actually pretty nice to lay on the patio chair in the sun to recover from the WOD.

Finally A Nice Day When We Could Get outside For A Bit

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The entire winter has been mild this year, there’s no denying that. There has been plenty or rain though and the rain has been mostly on the days when Molly had off and we’d be able do do something. By luck she had off today and we wanted to get outdoors. No appointments or other plans were there to interfere with that today! The original idea was to go to middle creek but we decided to stay closer to home so went to grab a couple of caches on the Conewago trail.

High In The 60s Means Unwinding On The Patio After The WODS

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I did the first WOD earlier. That was deadlifts and burpees. Not bad. The burpees slowed me down a decent amount do to space and not having room to trip over the bar safely. The deadlifts went really well. I chose 225 pounds for basically 4 a minute adding another burpee each minute and they felt light. I’m happy with that considering I haven’t been deadlifting or lifting anything heavy for that matter in a few months.

High In The 60s Yesterday and Today

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Well any trace of last weeks snow is long gone now. Yesterday It was warm and humid with a threat of showers that never did happen. Even had some sun poke through the clouds at times with temperatures in the 50s. Last evening it began to creep up with south winds. Around midnight I woke up and peaked at radar. A line of heavy rain was developing just to our west so I got up hoping for a thunderstorm.

Fourth Double Rainbow of the year

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Seems to be the theme of the year. Last year it was just rain every day and flooding but this year its been scattered thunderstorms and rainbows. September Second we had the typical passing storm of the year and sure enough timing and sun angle were right for another rainbow. Not only that but it was a double rainbow yet again. Fourth time this year that has happened. I don’t think I’ve seen four double rainbows in my life before this summer let alone in one few month period.

August Eighteenth, The Third Double Rainbow Of The Year

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We had a pretty good thunderstorm this evening. It really poured for a little bit and I think there may have even been some small hail mixed in. Being late in the evening the sun was pretty low and stayed out while it poured. I figured there might be a rainbow so of course went outside to check for one. There was indeed one and it was a very bright one at that and then the second outer one.

Another Double Rainbow, The Second One Within A Week

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We had scattered thunderstorms pop up today and while it didn’t rain much if at all here the storm was to our east and the sun was the right angle to give is a rainbow. I saw it out the window so I went to a nearby open area to see if I could see one. Sure enough there was not only one but a double rainbow. Another double rainbow over a field.

We Were Driving Home And Saw Another Rainbow

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This photo shows a very bright rainbowWe saw a very bright rainbow while driving and just had to get a picture of it. A small shower popped up just to our south this evening and never produced anything for us. The cloud itself couldn’t have been very big at all and didn’t look like it was even producing rain. It was dumping rain for sure though. We were driving through the back streets taking a shortcut through Mount Joy when we saw this very bright rainbow.

Double Rainbow in Mount Joy

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Double rainbow someplace in Mount Joy PAHere’s a photo of a double rainbow over a street someplace in Mount Joy. We had some heavy rain then the sun came out while it was still raining so of course I thought to look for a rainbow. Not only was their a rainbow but there was a double rainbow! Haven’t seen one of those around here in a year or two if I am remembering correctly.

We Saw A Rainbow Over The Atlantic Ocean

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This is a photo of a rainbow over the ocean and beach at Cape May, NJWe got an awesome view of a rainbow over the beach and ocean while in Cape May NJ. Well I got the opportunity to see something I’ve never had a chance to see before. We had a dying thunderstorm move over us on July 18th when we were vacationing in Cape may. Really all we got from that storm was a shelf cloud and a quick burst of rain.

Warm Day And Evening Thunderstorm

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The mountain west and central PA have had a massive storm this week with lots of snow and wind. That’s put us on the warm side of the storm with the warm front finally making it through we’ve had a high in the 70s today with the last patches of snow in shade being gone by noon. It was a nice day for sure. We tried to enjoy some time on the patio but the fucking mosquitoes were already out.

Milk, Bread and Eggs

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I’ve always been curies as to why every time it snows people feel the need to go to the store and buy milk and eggs and bread. Why these items and not something that won’t spoil if you were to lose power. The part I always laugh at is even in the worst storms in most of the world things will be back to normal within a day or two. Even if you can’t drive someplace most people could (gasp) walk to get what they may need.

Zero To Sixty

- 2 minutes, 320 words
Yesterday’s high was in the mid 60s, that would be 60+ degrees higher than the low 5 days earlier. The only reminder of the cold few days before were the patches of snow left over in the shaded areas but by evening only a few remnants of piles were left. in hindsight and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it yesterday afternoon I should have opened a window to let some fresh outside air in the house.

Between Two Radars

- 1 minutes, 78 words
Today’s snow squall didn’t amount to much here in my backyard but lots of other areas including one within a couple miles had heavy snow. Here I heard the cold front come through by the wind. The thing is the squall barely showed up on radar. We’re about Equally between KCCX and KLWX so the beams are like 10000 feet high. The snow was underneath of it so it hardly shows up.

Today's Solar Eclipse

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It’s been a while since the United States has had a total solar eclipse. I want to think their was one when I was in elementary school but I can’t be sure if that was a total eclipse or not. I just remember us going outside and it getting darker. This one was the first I could understand and enjoy though. It wasn’t total here, we only had a partial eclipse.

February Tornado?

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This storm did produce a tornado in York County. When it got here you could definitely see that it was rotating. Well actually it more less just skirted my house but it was cool looking. Here’s what it looked like as it moved away to the north east. It was a really impressive looking storm for around here let alone in winter. Departing thunderstorm showing rotationThis is a photo of a departing thunderstorm showing rotation.

December 4.1 Degrees Below Average

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December was a cold month and fairly dry month. Harrisburg ended the month with the average temperature 4.1 degrees below normal. Pretty interesting how the blocking held up through out the month and even had a close call with a snow storm. It will be fun to see where January goes.

Last Storm Of 2010

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We didn’t get all that much snow from Sunday’s storm, we did get a lot of wind. It will be the last storm of the year, and it was a windy one.

More Cold

- 1 minutes, 67 words
December was a good month.. We had above average snow with the storms overdoing the original forecasts and plenty of cold air. There is still some snow on the ground from the surprise 3-4 inches we received for New years. Now we’re between an ocean storm off the new England coast and high pressure over the northern plains states. We’ll see what happens later in the week.

Finally A Snow Storm

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It’s March first and looks like we might actually get some snow. State college has us under a winter storm warning for five to eight inches of snow here. The problem is we’ll be on the back edge of the precipitation and it’ll have a sharp cutoff. I’ll take the snow though. It’s much better than anything we’ve had so far this winter. Now my at my parents’ house in Bucks county are forecast to get eight to fourteen inches.

Strong Warm February Storm

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Yesterday a strong storm system developed and moved into the great lakes bringing with it a strong cold front. We had highs in the 60s with Sun most of the day and that helped create a really impressive squall line moving east across Pennsylvania. At one point it was moving east at 75 mph but it was just a bit too late for us in northwest Lancaster county. I broke up and we barely got a shower.

Arctic Shot Next Week

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The cold has been building in Alaska for a while now and it has mostly stayed where it is. It looks like it will head straight down into the Midwest and north east US.. We’ll probably get below zero here but the NWS isn’t forecasting that yet. I imagine it’ll be pretty brutal just a bit north of here where there is snow cover on the ground and if it clears up at night.


- 1 minutes, 88 words
The snow flurries I thought we might get last night turned into a nice coating of snow.

October 28th Storm

- 1 minutes, 135 words
An October coastal storm system is developing off the mid Atlantic coast. It started yesterday with an area of rain developing and persisting through the night here in central Pa. This would have been a nice situation for a little snow here in January. Right now and yesterday during the afternoon the temperature held in the low 40’s Now in the Poconos and higher elevations of northern Pa. I wish I still had my place up near Hazleton and would be going up there.

Late October Storm

- 1 minutes, 135 words
An October coastal storm system is developing off the mid Atlantic coast. It started yesterday with an area of rain developing and persisting through the night here in central Pa. This would have been a nice situation for a little snow here in January. Right now and yesterday during the afternoon the temperature held in the low 40s Now in the Poconos and higher elevations of northern Pa. I wish I still had my place up near Hazleton and would be going up there.

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

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Hurricane Ike which was only a category 2 storm made landfall in Texas and moved north through the Ohio valley yesterday proves that the rating doesn’t tell the whole story. They’re saying it caused 30 billion dollars n damage and has caused at least 30 fatalities. From what I’ve read it brought in a pretty high storm surge over a large area. What really made this storm was the size of it I think.

Large Hurricane Ike In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico

- 1 minutes, 90 words
Hurricane Ike has maximum sustained winds near 100 miles per hour right now but the real story is it’s size. It’s a big storm with hurricane force winds extending up to 115 miles from the center. Tropical storm force winds extend up to 255 miles from the center. The minimum pressure (945 millibars) is borderline low enough to support a category 4 storm but I imagine the size of the whole storm is keeping the gradient from being tight enough to cause the winds.

Morning Thunderstorms

- 1 minutes, 87 words
Today is going to be a good day. 7:40 in the morning and there appears to be some pretty strong thunderstorms moving towards us. Not bad for September. The other nice thing about these storms is it seems like a pretty solid area of storms so I don’t expect to be just missed by them like my area was all summer. Some counties west of here have already had severe thunderstorm warnings due to the storms.

Very Nice Morning Thunderstorm

- 1 minutes, 96 words
That was a pretty good line of storms for this time in the day and year. I don’t think it approached severe criteria in my back yard but still we had a nice very heavy wind driven rain. It got as dark as it would be about 8:30 pm as the storms moved in. Just before the rain started I noticed low level clouds racing across the sky from west to east.

Tropical Storm Hanna Makes Landfall

- 1 minutes, 196 words
Tropical storm Hanna moved into the Carolinas last night and north, then northeast through Virginia and is now off the coast. It dumped heavy rains in some areas and in my back yard we received heavier rainfall than I had expected. I figure that was going to happen when I saw the radar this morning and felt the humidity. Dew point of 72 or 73 today made it feel like summer and not September.

Tropical Storms Hanna And Gustav

- 1 minutes, 168 words
The tropics sure got active now.. In the Caribbean Sea there is tropical storm Gustav. It made another landfall today on Jamaica. It doesn’t really look that impressive but is forecast to go between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula and strengthen over the warm water. We’ll see how it holds together. It seems to like land so far. We also have Tropical storm Hanna north east of the Leeward Islands. Again it doesn’t look all that impressive but does seem to have a burst of colder cloud tops now meaning that it has better convection.

Chilly August Night

- 1 minutes, 102 words
A cold from blew through. The front made for a nice cool night last night where it almost felt a bit chilly.

Severe Thunderstorms And A Funnel Cloud On Sunday

- 1 minutes, 196 words
We were away geocaching last week in four states and stayed over in Maryland. We had a blast with it too. Sunday morning there were already thunderstorms developing over Delaware. I could see the dark clouds out the hotel window. They had severe thunderstorm warnings. We went to do a fun multi and then decided to head towards home. As we headed north we could see a nasty looking storm to the north.

Tropical Storm Dolly In The Gulf Of Mexico

- 1 minutes, 47 words
We have tropical storm Dolly which should become a hurricane soon in the Gulf of Mexico. That should give me something fun to watch. Looks like it should make landfall as a hurricane near the Texas and Mexico border. Wonder how much oil prices will go up..

Nearly Stationary Thunderstorms

- 3 minutes, 479 words
Yesterday was a very humid day and pretty warm too. It featured small thunderstorms popping up all day long but completely missing us. Most of the day they seemed to be focused along the Susquehanna river. They were pretty much stationary but drifting slightly with a south to north component. They almost seemed to be forming along the hills on the river. By suppertime I had written off any rain for us because the last i had looked at the radar they were weakening.

Yet Another Moderate Risk For Severe Storms

- 1 minutes, 107 words
An active severe season continues. SPC has us in central PA, well actually the south eastern two thirds of PA, in a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms. Maybe we’ll actually get something in my back yard this time. It seems this year that storms are going severe just after they pass over here and here we’re not getting much more than a little rain and some distant thunder. It really doesn’t have that feel of a day with strong storms.

Northeast Heatwave Ending With Storms?

- 1 minutes, 167 words
Today will be the last day of the heatwave affecting central Pennsylvania among other places. It’s been hot here but not record breaking with highs in the low to mid 90’s each day. The humidity hasn’t seemed to be as bad as it could have been either but that’s not really a bad thing. My mom who lives near northeast Philadelphia said her car thermometer read 108. That seems a bit high but that area always seemed to run hotter in the summer.

Severe Weather Then A Heat Wave

- 1 minutes, 136 words
Wow.. What an awesome line of storms that was that went through on Wednesday. There were lots of reports of damage from the winds. What was even more surprising was the fact that a second strong line of storms went through a few hours later. There were even some reports of tornadoes. We didn’t get a whole lot here even though SPC had us in a moderate risk area for severe weather.

Moderate Risk Last Saturday But Not Much Happened

- 1 minutes, 148 words
Last Saturday we ended up not getting any good thunderstorms here but during the day we had been under a moderate risk. I think our chances got killed by thunderstorm remnants moving through keeping it cloudy during the the day with the best dynamics. All we ended up with was some thunder and moderate rain in the morning.. The storm was pretty breezy too though. When the sun finally came out it was too late.

Two Noresters Within A Week In May

- 1 minutes, 101 words
May 12 and two nice nor’easter in the past week. This has been an cool weather week for sure. They produced tornadoes in the Midwest and in the south and heavy rain in the mid Atlantic. They even had some snow today in the laurel highlands of Pennsylvania today. This most recent storm would have made an awesome winter storm. I think it would have been a great snow maker. It’s not too fast moving and keeping temps in the 40’s in May here would lead me to believe there would have been enough cold air for snow in the winter.

April 11th Thunderstorms

- 1 minutes, 130 words
Last night was a pretty interesting night for weather. We had a couple of thunderstorms before I went to bed. Nothing major or anything but a surprising amount of lightning for this time of the year. I guess a high in the low 70’s will help with that. It did seem as though the storms may have been strengthening as they moved east. When that was over i went to sleep and got woken up 4:30 am by thunder again.

Weekend Storm

- 2 minutes, 255 words
Last weekends storm didn’t give us as much rain as promised but it did rain some. Saturday afternoon the low seemed to start to intensify more rapidly just as it crossed central Pa. We’d gone to eat at Red Robin’s in Hershey and when we came out it was sunny and clear except for a line of clouds to the south west. By the time we got home the clouds were moving in.

Cold Night

- 1 minutes, 114 words
It’s a pretty cold morning today for the end of February. My vantage pro2 recorded a low of 14.1 and the coldest it’s recorded this year has been 8 so it’s not that far off. Yesterday was chilly too. The wind made it feel even colder. It’s just a little more wasted cold. Today we should see a clipper move through the area but most of the snow will be to the north.

Snow And Lunar Eclipse In The Same Day

- 1 minutes, 113 words
Yesterday gave two very nice surprises. First one was the clipper left us more than an inch of very fluffy snow accumulation. It just kept snowing, with nothing showing on radar anywhere near us. My guess would have to be the precipitation was below the radar beam. Last night about 9pm we decided to run to the store to pick something up and the moon was out. It had cleared up in time for the lunar eclipse!

Fun Little Ice Storm

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Well this last storm was one of those times where the cold air just hangs tough at the surface. We ended up below freezing here until about 11am with freezing rain. Some of it was heavy. Cold air damming sure is fun to watch in action. It was a good thing state college issued the ice storm warning. The roads seemed to mostly stay wet but it was really accumulating on the trees and wires and other things.

What Season Is It Anyways?

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We had two thunderstorms yesterday. One in the afternoon which was racing across the area. That one only gave us a little rain and a couple cracks of thunder. I was happy with that for February. Later on between 10 and 11pm we had a more impressive storm complete with a severe thunderstorm warning. It was pretty cool to be out on the porch watching lightning off to the north and west at 10pm with no jacket in February.

Nice Cold Shot

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We are having a quick arctic cold snap right now. It made it down to 10°F which was pretty cold but no where near the record for the day. The record was -22°F here, set in 1994. It was the coldest of the year but not close to the 2°F my Davis vantage pro2 recorded last year. I remember that winter. Back in the Philly area we had rain and ice that winter.

Felix Is Category Five Storm Again

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Dangerous Hurricane Felix is about to make landfall in northeastern Nicaragua. After weakening some on Monday it’s strengthened over night and still is now. It is back up to category 5 levels again with 160 mile per hour winds. It doesn’t seem like the area is very populated so that’s a good thing. This is the second hurricane in the Atlantic basin to make landfall as a category five storm this year.

Felix - Second Category Five Hurricane Of The Season

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It’s a little late but still I thought it was interesting. We have our second Atlantic Hurricane of the season this year. Felix became a hurricane and at the 2 AM advisory on Sunday had 80 mph winds. The 10 PM advisory yesterday said 165 mph winds and the. Even more interesting was the fact that the recon plane aborted it’s mission due to extreme turbulence in the storm and graupel and lightning in all quadrants of the eye wall.

Hot And Humid Today Then Severe Storms

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We had a great time attending the GOTCHA event today. There were tons of prizes, including a very special Team Alamo coin. I’m very disappointed to not win that. It was hot and humid today.. It’s never a good thing when you wake up to thick fog and temperatures in the 70’s in summer. Topped out with highs in the low to mid 90s with dew points near 80. Not fun.

5.25 Inch Hail at Dante SD

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Large hail at Dante, SD, Tuesday evening - Pictures added1 I can’t even begin to imagine what this size hail would do or the sounds it would make but the NWS says it left 10 inch by 12 inch craters in the ground and punched holes in almost every roof in town. That’s not something you see every day. edited post to remove dead link. ↩︎

A Couple Days Of Hell Like Heat

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Today we should get some nice thunderstorms. There’s a sweet looking cell out near Pittsburgh this morning. It will be interesting to watch how that complex of storms moves across the state and holds together. It’s a shame that it will probably miss us to the south but it’s worth it to not have the crazy humidity we had yesterday. The SPC moved the slight risk of severe thunderstorms south today.

Early AM Thunderstorms

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We had near misses yesterday and last night with some awesome thunderstorms. Yesterday afternoon we had one that pretty much formed over the next town east of here. There was lots of lightning a mile or two off to the east and then a heavy shower formed right over us. Then it ended with storms still hanging to our south and west. When I went to bed there were thunderstorms that looked good on radar along the Maryland and Pennsylvania border.

Great Summer So Far

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This summer so far has been great. It has to be the best summer that I can remember. Gotta love the trough in the East this year. Now if only it would stick around for winter. That would be too good to be true though. There’s been no real heat. When it does get into the 90s it’s either not all that humid or doesn’t last long. We’ve had more than one night in July where it made it down into the 50’s.

No Thunderstorms Today

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I was hoping for some good thunderstorms today but we never ended up getting much of anything. Most of the day we were stuck under clouds from left over thunderstorms to our west last night so it didn’t allow much heating to destabilize the atmosphere. It did clear up late in the afternoon but I guess that was too little too late. We did so well with thunderstorms earlier in the year.

July Fifth Thunderstorms

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We had a nice storm come through this afternoon. I wasn’t expecting much today with all the clouds in the morning and with yesterday’s disappointment still fresh in my mind. Seems like every time we get a tornado watch nothing really happens in the area. The one in 2003 that was a PDS tornado watch still sticks in my mind because hardly a storm developed that day. At least we managed to get some sun today.

Last Night's Lightning

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Yesterday was hot and humid. I know I’ve seen many days that were much worse but yesterday seemed pretty rough. I guess I’m just not used to this. When I lived near Philly there were days where it was around 100 and dew point in the 70s or even close to 80. In the afternoon we were missed to the north and to the south by thunderstorms that prompted server thunderstorm warnings.

Hurricane Agnes 35 Years Ago

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It was around this time in 1972 that the remnants of Hurricane Agnes impacted the area. I’ve always been interested in that storm. The storm made landfall over Florida on June 19th and then moved northeast and weakened to a tropical depression. It became a tropical storm again over North Carolina and moved made another landfall near New York City on June 22. It produced 6 to 12 inches of rain in Pennsylvania.

Western Pa Storms

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It looks like there’s some nice thunderstorms out in western Pennsylvania. I’ve been watching them move south east today but the first batch missed me by a couple of counties. Maybe more can for or something before the cold front moves through. I’ve been feeling the humidity creep up after a nice cool night last night and not much humidity this morning. I was hoping that would help cause some storms.

June 19's Thunderstorms

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Yesterday was one of the best storm days we’ve had in a while. It didn’t seem like things would work out for us to have good storms when the first line weakened as it approached. I was pretty disappointed because before I shut down the computer and went outside to watch they looked great. For a minute or two it even seemed like the sky wanted to turn green. They weakened when they hit the river.

Slight Risk Of Severe Thunderstorms

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Today could be a fun day. There’s a slight risk of severe thunderstorms in the area with the main threat being damaging hail and strong wind. It should be a fun afternoon. I am hoping for some good storms in my backyard. They’ve been missing us here this year.

Wondering About Local Tornadoes

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Last week there was a tornado warning in Lancaster county. It turned out that the NWS said it was straight line wind damage but it got me wondering how many tornadoes have been in this area. A few years ago there was the one in Campbelltown. That was an F-2 and destroyed some houses. Molly told she remembered hearing about a small tornado in town.. I did find one on the NWS’s site that could have been the one she was talking about.

Thunderstorms Moved In From The Northeast

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This has been an interesting week in weather. Maybe even a bit unusual. Tuesday and Wednesday we had thunderstorms in the area. They were moving from northeast to southwest. Don’t really see that all that often. Right out our house on Tuesday we had one with some pretty nasty lightning. I think we were on the edge of it though. We had heavy rain for a half an hour then the rain let up.


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Earlier this afternoon it was looking good for strong thunderstorms to move in. A nice line had developed to our west but we ran out of daylight and heating by the time they got here. Just some rain and not even any lightning or thunder. Well actually there was a bit of thunder and it seemed like a storm was going to move in but then the thunder stopped and the sky brightened.

Possibly Strong or Severe Thunderstorms Tomorrow

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Looks like there is at least a chance of strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow in this area. I have not looked at the weather myself that much lately but I caught it on the news this morning. That would be cool to have some great storms Friday. Last year we had some awesome storms in the area and I hope that happens this year too! We actually had more hail than I could remember seeing in 2006 and plenty of wind, I don’t really like seeing peoples homes get damaged and stuff like that but I do enjoy seeing the powerful storms.

April Nor'easter

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An intense spring nor’easter is occurring right now. We had a couple of inches of rain here yesterday but no flooding. My parent’s area near Philly probably had more than 5 inches of rain. My mom said the Neshaminy creek was flooded and last night the Poquessing creek near their house was up into people’s yards. I’ve read a few rivers in New Jersey are expected to have record flooding.

April Snow

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It’s April 6th and the radar is showing plenty of lake effect snow squalls and showers in Pennsylvania.

Feels Like Summer Today

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The calendar says March 27th but it feels more like April 27th. It almost feels hot out today. I’m not used to temperatures in the 80s. Earlier this afternoon radar showed what looked like some thunderstorms west of here in the mountains and a few showers popped up closer to home. The even had a severe thunderstorm warning in western Pa. It’s nice to know we’ll be getting some thunderstorms soon.

Making Snow On Mount Washington

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I came across this video posted on a weather message board of them turning boiling water instantly into snow on Mount Washington. That weather station’s climate is really fascinating to me.

2006-2007 Winter

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Meteorological winter is over now. As a snow lover the winter wasn’t really a great one. We really didn’t get all that much snow but we did have one interesting snow storm that turned to sleet and ice then the temperature dropped and froze everything as solid as a rock. That was a fun storm to watch develop. December and January were both warm months. The ground never froze. I didn’t really think we’d get any snow the way the winter was going.

Thunderstorm Season Soon

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It has been warm outside the past few days. It looks like a thunderstorm is approaching. That has me hoping for some good ones this season.

Lake Effect Snow In NY

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I was reading about the insane lake effect snow that occurred near Redfield, NY. I can’t imagine experiencing that.

More Ice On The Susquehanna River

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We decided to check out the ice on the river today. It was really cool on the York county side of the river. There seemed to be lots of pressure pushing the ice against the western banks. We could hear the ice squeaking and cracking as the water tried to push it. There was also plenty of broken pieces of ice on top and pushed up along the bank. There were also a few louder cracks out further.

Frozen Susquehanna River

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It’s been below freezing for a few days now. Actually it’s been getting into the single digits at night and teens in the day. We’ll be keeping an eye on the river for a while. Below will be a few pictures from today. Icy iceThis photo shows a couple of blocks of ice on top of the sheet ice on the river. River Ice Towards BridgesThis picture shows more ice on the frozen Susquehanna River.

More Wasted Cold

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There’s finally arctic air in place and it’s been plenty cold but of course there’s no snow. I was hoping we’d have a chance to hit zero but didn’t quite get low enough. had a low of around six last night and Sunday night. At least the cold has been refreshing. A new cache popped up around Cornwall so we got to go for a nice short hike. There was a inch or two of snow on the ground there too.

Storm Damage

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I just talked to my mom and she told me that the neighbor’s tree fell on her roof. Must have been pretty severe thunderstorms in Bensalem