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Very Vivid Rainbow

This afternoon featured thunderstorms in the area, with some pretty close thunder. We need the rain, but only ended up getting a little light rain from the storms. They never really moved over us as they popped up ad passed by just to the south of us here in Mount Joy.

This evening I came upstairs to go to the bathroom after supper, then do some browsing on the web a bit on my computer. When I went into the bathroom, I noticed the bright glow coming through the blind. The sun had come out, with the dark clouds off to the east and south. I also noticed an extremely bright rainbow. It looked almost neon.

Vivid Rainbow

Here is a photo of a vivid rainbow over the neighborhood from a passing thunderstorm.

As should be expected, it was fading by the time I got outside, but it was still a vivid rainbow. Not that bright glow that it originally had in contrast to the very dark clouds in the background, but it was nice to see nonetheless.