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Two Thunderstorms Yesterday!

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Weather wise today was a pretty interesting day. All day long there was a strong south easterly wind. Eventually towards evening the clouds broke up and the sun came out for a bit. We had a decent thunderstorm in the evening then a better one a couple of hours later.

Fast Food

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We have had fast food twice in the past few weeks. At least what I think of as fast food. It was okay I guess but it made me realize how often we used to eat it and how expensive it’s become.

Thunderstorms In The Area

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Here it is March 19th and after our mid 70s spring like day a broken line of thunderstorms was moving through the area in the evening. We were between cells so we got nothing more than some very light drizzle. We did get to see some lightning in the distant thunderstorm off to our south east and a red rainbow since it was just about at sunset.

Best Ribs Around

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J.B. Dawsons in Lancaster has the best ribs that I have had around here. Other places have decent but inconstant ribs, but at this place they’re always just right.

Fresh Strawberries

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One of the nice things about living here in Lancaster County is that there are small stands at some farms. There’s one just outside of Mount Joy that we tend to buy strawberries from and other stuff as it comes into season.

First Rainbow Of The Year And It's A Double Rainbow

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Molly just bitched at me saying I guess we won’t be going for a walk tonight because it’s raining. I looked outside and saw some blue to our north and said we’d be fine. I grabbed my tablet to come upstairs on the computer for a bit while we digest and relax a bit before going and noticed the sun was fully shining I thought I would go outside to see if there’s a rainbow because why not?

Fourth Double Rainbow of the year

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Seems to be the theme of the year. Last year it was just rain every day and flooding but this year its been scattered thunderstorms and rainbows. September Second we had the typical passing storm of the year and sure enough timing and sun angle were right for another rainbow. Not only that but it was a double rainbow yet again. Fourth time this year that has happened. I don’t think I’ve seen four double rainbows in my life before this summer let alone in one few month period.

August Eighteenth, The Third Double Rainbow Of The Year

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We had a pretty good thunderstorm this evening. It really poured for a little bit and I think there may have even been some small hail mixed in. Being late in the evening the sun was pretty low and stayed out while it poured. I figured there might be a rainbow so of course went outside to check for one. There was indeed one and it was a very bright one at that and then the second outer one.

Another Double Rainbow, The Second One Within A Week

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We had scattered thunderstorms pop up today and while it didn’t rain much if at all here the storm was to our east and the sun was the right angle to give is a rainbow. I saw it out the window so I went to a nearby open area to see if I could see one. Sure enough there was not only one but a double rainbow. Another double rainbow over a field.

We Were Driving Home And Saw Another Rainbow

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This photo shows a very bright rainbowWe saw a very bright rainbow while driving and just had to get a picture of it. A small shower popped up just to our south this evening and never produced anything for us. The cloud itself couldn’t have been very big at all and didn’t look like it was even producing rain. It was dumping rain for sure though. We were driving through the back streets taking a shortcut through Mount Joy when we saw this very bright rainbow.

Double Rainbow in Mount Joy

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Double rainbow someplace in Mount Joy PAHere’s a photo of a double rainbow over a street someplace in Mount Joy. We had some heavy rain then the sun came out while it was still raining so of course I thought to look for a rainbow. Not only was their a rainbow but there was a double rainbow! Haven’t seen one of those around here in a year or two if I am remembering correctly.

Earthquake Real Close To Home

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Wow… I don’t know if it woke me up or I was awake but I heard a deep rumbling and thought that sounds like an earthquake. Well I got up and went on the computer and checked Millersville’s real time seismic data.. Something showed up.. So maybe it wasn’t my imagination. Checked USGS’s earthquake site and they showed a confirmed 3.3 earthquake just north of Mountville, pa Pretty cool! Here’s info for the Magnitude 3.