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Only Around Here Can They Over Complicate Halloween

One of the things that I never quite got since I moved here is how they have to have a scheduled Trick Or Treat night. They don’t just do it on Halloween like normal places do. Maybe it’s more common than I know but where I grew up it was always just on Halloween.

Here I think it’s something like trick or treat is on Halloween unless Halloween is on a weekend then it’s on the Friday before. I’ve read that it’s because of bars being open on the weekends and that it may be due to some towns not having their own police but it just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s just over complicating something that should be simple.

Our town was one of the ones that doubled down on it being scheduled for Friday with heavy rains falling and winds. If it was truly about safety you wouldn’t want a bunch of kids wandering the streets on a dark rainy night but what do I know?

I would venture to guess myself that the whole controlling when it’s done has more to do with something that the conservative Christians around here didn’t like about it. Small government meddles a lot around here.