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80s Halloween In The Home Gym

I had to do something to make Molly laugh for Halloween. Last year I had an idea but didn’t go through with it, but I did this year.


Good Halloween In The Home Gym

I had a good day in the home gym today. Despite my knee bugging me, I got a conservative triple at a very heavy weight on the back squats. I beat my old score on a repeat WOD. I even wore my running sucks shirt with my cheetah costume because it’s Halloween, so why not have fun?


Only Around Here Can They Over Complicate Halloween

I just never understood why the towns and municipalities felt the need to decide when trick or treat is. It’s just always puzzled me.


Running Sucks!

Anyone who knows me knows of my strong dislike of running. Being visually impaired really puts a damper on any joy I would get from it. This year, for Halloween, I decided to have a little fun with it.