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Good Halloween In The Home Gym

I woke up feeling surprisingly good this morning. I have been up late watching the Phillies or just not been able to sleep too well, but I got a good night’s sleep last night. I looked out with the Phils not playing last night.

Once again, my knee has been bugging me. This time it’s the other one because I tripped on the same broken and pushed up sidewalk as I’ve done several other times. I remember when there are trees, but this spot has no tree and has been messed up for as long as I can remember. We’d go across the street, but on that side the property owners can’t be bothered with cutting back the bushes that are at face level and block at least half of the sidewalk. Oh, well.

This morning I began with my heavy AMRAP of squats, of course I warmed up first. I had a lot of hesitation about squatting today, but the warm-ups felt fine on me knee, so I decided to play it by feel and take a very conservative approach to my AMRAP of one plus reps. It was a heavy for me weight of two hundred and seventy-five pounds. I did an easy triple today. I didn’t match my best from earlier this year of five reps, but I certainly could have. I was moving really well with the squats, and they felt easy. Truthfully, the weight didn’t even feel heavy for me today. I left a lot in the tank today, but it was the right choice today. I’m ninety percent sure that I could have exceeded that five reps from last spring.

After finishing that up, I unloaded some weight and did my twenty reps at two hundred and fifty pounds. I got though them pretty easily yet at the same time it was pretty tough because my legs were tired from the heavier weight earlier.

Later on, when Molly got home, I did today’s WOD. With it being Halloween, I had to wear my running sucks shirt along with the cheetah outfit I bought last year. Sadly, the weather wasn’t conducive to doing a running WOD, but this one was a fun little one. Just twelve power snatches and eight thrusters on one side, then the same on the other side as an AMRAP. I did better than the last time I did this WOD. I used the same light twenty-five pounds dumbbell, though. I wanted to avoid overdoing it with my knee on the awkward thrusters.

The first round, I even wore the mask that I got to go along with the cheetah costume to record a video. It would have been much too hot to do the entire WOD with it on, not to mention it does inhibit my breathing a bit. The costume itself is actually very comfortable for being long sleeved and all.

All in all, I was pleased with the way the WOD went for me. I think I did better than last time, even though the score doesn’t reflect that. I am pretty sure I fucked up my score in the spring when I first did this WOD

Music For today was Type O Negative.