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I Can Still Do Box Jumps

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I don’t normally do box jumps here in the home gym because we don’t have enough room for me to safely fail in my normal failure modes. The risk with me being legally blind is pretty high to and usually just isn’t worth it to me. Today I did them for the WOD and really did enjoy them. I do love jumping.

Starting The New Year Total Today Off Right With A Crossfit Total

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I started of the new year right this year. I decided to test my Crossfit total to see where my strength stands. I was pretty happy with the results.

Crossfit Total Today

- 3 minutes, 523 words
Today was a nice day. Cooler and much less humid than it’s been in quite a while so I went for my Crossfit total. No PRs but it all felt good.

Great Morning Of Lifting

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Not every day goes like this unfortunately but today was one where my lifts all felt great. Even the tougher ones felt great form wise and mentally. Sure it was challenging but I didn’t feel like I was going to break in half by doing them. Maybe the breaking in half part is a little bit of an exaggeration but sometimes the weight does just feel crushing. The front squats were by far the heaviest and toughest lifts of this morning.

Crushed It In The Home Gym Today

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Today was an entirely different story than a few days ago for me in the home gym. Not only did I crush it in my lifts, but I felt great while doing it. I love days like this.

My Lifts Felt Pretty Tough But Good Today,

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Today I will admit I am not really feeling it. I think it’s a combination of the past couple of days’ heat and definitely the humidity yesterday has me feeling at least a little run down. I slept last night but not well at all. I just really couldn’t feel at all cooled off. I also had and still have a lot of shit in my throat. I really just never was able to cool off after yesterday’s second WOD, this week’s sun’s out guns out in the afternoon.

My Strength Work Went Really Well Today All Things Considered

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Yesterday morning I had my first vaccine shot which wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t sleep all that well last night and am feeling pretty run down. I don’t know if it’s the vaccine or just not sleeping well or something else. My shoulder is a little achy where the shot was too so that makes me think maybe it’s a bit of a reaction. I already had the virus so my immune system should recognize it from what I read so that explains quit a bit.

Really Feeling Good About Today

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For the past few sessions of my strength work I really haven’t been feeling it. I don’t know why but I just plain have not felt like doing it all. Of course I forced myself to do it anyways and felt a bit better about it as I got moving but it hasn’t really been the enjoyable “me” time that it usually is. Today it felt great and I looked forward to it and got into that zone even as I was warming up with the empty barbell.

Crushed My Strength Work Today

- 2 minutes, 221 words
I had another good night’s sleep last night and I’m feeling pretty good today. No tightness at all remains in my side that was a bit angry with me last week. Feeling better is definitely a huge relief for me and I feel I can get aggressive with the weight again. First up were my front squats at 195 pounds for three sets of five. They weren’t heavy at all but they really did feel great today.

Knocked Out My Strength And Some Extras This Morning

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What do you know? I slept good and I’m still feeling pretty good. I woke up too early and couldn’t go to sleep but that wasn’t for lack of trying. I was just laying there wide awake for a good 45 minutes after taking my levothyroxine. I kept smelling the coffee and it smelled good so finally I just got up and drank my coffee. I decided t o attack my strength pretty early this morning.