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It Felt Great To Do My Strength Extra Early This Morning

I woke up a little before five this morning so I just got out of bed and drank my coffee and ate a banana like I eat every morning. It actually works out great for today since we have do some things this morning being awake extra early allowed me to do my lifting at a little after seven AM rather than later like I normally do.

Starting out this morning I had to do my squats 235 pounds. These felt amazing today and I was squatting nearly ass to grass without even the slightest rounded like I used to have in the past. The weight felt never really heavy and very explosive. Don’t get me wrong it was heavy on my shoulders but easily managed for the squats. It’s not heavy yet but getting up there in the moderate weight area for me. The three sets of five back squats were a great start to this day.

After the back squats I had bench press at 160. These felt pretty heavy today but I did easily get through them. I only did the three sets of five for today given that it did feel a bit heavier though it’s a moderate weight for me. Maybe it’s all the dumbbell snatches I did in the WOD I did yesterday. I guess my shoulders were a bit tired after them.

This being the second day of three I had the good mornings next. I did these again at 85 pounds and they felt really great today. I felt like I was able to get an extra hamstring stretch on these or at least more of one than normal with straighter knees than normal. I’m finally regaining the confidence in balance to push my ass back with them.

I was really pleased with how my weights went today and I think at least when the temperature’s higher I want to st art performing my strength earlier like today. Maybe not on heavy deadlifts or power cleans day but on days when I don’t expect to miss any lifts I think it would be good for me since I am a morning person. We do have neighbors attached and I want to be as respectful towards them noise wise as I reasonably can. It’s just common courtesy which really no one until the current family living there has ever had so I want to return the favor.

Hopefully I will have the energy later on to do something WOD wise when we get done with our running around and before we head out to get Joy’s for takeout..

Music today was Edge Of Sanity.