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Still Did A WOD!

- 3 minutes, 490 words
I woke up with my stomach feeling off this morning. Lots of churning after I took my thyroid pill and drank some water. It got worse and keeps feeling like I’m being kicked in the gut. I still manged to get a WOD in.

WOD Felt Good Today

- 3 minutes, 503 words
I didn’t do a WOD yesterday or the day before. My hamstring got really tight out of nowhere just when I stood up to take Brooke to the bust stop. I attempted my strength Thursday and quickly decided to rest.

Tried A New Movement To Me

- 2 minutes, 289 words
One of the things I enjoy about doing the street WODS is once in a while they throw in a different movement. A while back it was knee jumps which I had actually done once in a while on my own but it was cool seeing how many people found out they can do a new thing that they thought they couldn’t do. Anyways Today’s WOD included seated box jumps. I’ve always wanted to try them but was overwhelmed by the visual aspect of it.