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I Managed My Strength And A WOD Today But It Wasn't Easy

Today was for sure one of those days where I just didn’t feel like it. Not nearly enough sleep last night for one since we decided to stay up and was the second It movie. We were going to go see it in the theater last year but stuff kept coming up to stop us from going. The movie was longer than I expected and it was later than I realized by the time we started it. I enjoyed the movie but then again there really aren’t any Stephen King movies I haven’t liked.

I woke up this morning tired from a few hours of good sleep and my trap was tight as hell from laying weird to watch the movie last night and no doubt some of the more intense shoulder stuff I’ve done over the past week. We had to go to the grocery store and take our leaves to the compost site. Both of these to things stopped me from doing my lifting as early as reasonably possible here in our garage. I don’t want to be that person waking the neighbors, especially on a Saturday.

The three sets of back squats were relatively heavy feeling at 250 pounds. They felt really tough but the video implied otherwise. That showed them as being pretty fast and explosive. One thing I noticed about them today on the video is that I was getting really deep. For the past year or so I’ve been cutting them off on what feels like the bottom but that must have felt good today.

Thankfully the strict presses were pretty light at 105 pound today. Me being the expert at doing the impossible shit to myself managed to knock the hanging metal ring down with my shoulder yesterday and managed to have it land directly on my wrist bone. It didn’t feel great with the presses just like it didn’t feel great with the push ups yesterday but I got through them.

Dead lifts were a moderate weight at 265 pounds. They actually felt pretty good today. I felt like I was moving well with them which isn’t all that common for me with deadlifts. I really have clue as to why but I have always struggled with doing deadlifts. It always seems I just quite get set up right for one and I always feel like my back is giving on me when it’s really not. I am hoping that by keeping at the deadlifts here I will eventually get better at them.

Later on we did the team version of the day’s WOD together. She ran but I rowed due to the super bright sun at a low enough angle to really blind me. One partner did max reps of air squats while the other ran 400 (or in my case rowed 500 meters.) The WOD wasn’t tough by any means and I really didn’t personally go all out on my parts. I wasn’t really feeling it but I wanted to take it more as a just get some good movement and get the blood flowing kind of WOD. I don’t take scheduled rest days but play it by feel instead. I just felt today was a day to take it a little easier.

The music for the day was Obscura