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Hot Day For My Lifting

I slept pretty good last night and nothing woke me up for a change. Yesterday it was a fire truck and the day before it was a cop and a skunk that woke me up. I got up about 3:30 and took my thyroid pill. I went to lay down for a while and even fell back to sleep for an hour or so. After that, I got up then and drank my coffee.

Brooke was tired when she first got here and just watched TV. About a half an hour later, she perked up and started telling us about the parades she went to this weekend and the candy she got. We took her to the bus stop, then went to the Country Store to finish our grocery shopping for the week.

By the time we got home, it was in the upper 80s. I figured I might as well just get my lifting in before it gets any hotter. I didn’t want to be bothered putting in the air conditioner for one day. It’s not that humid anyway.

Back squats were first on my list for the day. For today, I had to do complete three sets of five of the squats at two hundred and thirty-five pounds. They were a moderate weight, but they felt excellent and pretty light today. They felt great even with the heat. I took longer between sets with it being so warm, but not too long. I really considered doing two extra sets, but then decided to skip that for the day. I was thrilled with how they felt and went with the heat.

Up next, I had strict press. For these, I had to do three sets of five at a hundred and ten pounds. Five sets. These felt a bit heavier than they should have for the weight, but easily doable. I did throw in two extra sets for five sets of five with no issues at all.

Last up for the day were my deadlifts. I did five triples at two hundred and thirty-five pounds. This is a light weight for me and all, but with my hands being so sweaty with the temperature today, I expected them to be a lot tougher than they were. In the end, my hands did not get sweaty enough to really mess with my grip too much, and I had no issues holding on to the bar or making my reps at all. I felt like I was moving really well with them.

All in all, I dealt with the heat fine today. By the time I finished it was about ninety, but the fan helped me a lot with the humidity not being too bad. I didn’t feel like bothering to going in the hot attic to find the air conditioner yet, since after tomorrow the highs will be back into the lower eighties. Maybe next week or the week after it will be time.

Music For was Alice In Chains.