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Sometimes There's WOD That I Can Do Really Well At

Sometimes a WOD is programmed that I am just able to really well at. The one I did today was just a perfect example of that. The only movement in it was bear complexes which for what ever reason is something I’ve always been able to just dig in and embrace the pain and do them well after a few times doing them.

Maybe the biggest reason I have always been able to do them fast and strung together is the fact that I am more or less a natural squatter. Early on I had minor issues with balance and weight shifting but with a little practice that resolved it self except for the occasional bad rep.

Once I got comfortable with combining the movements of the bear complex into one smoother motion the sky became the limit for the speed. Even in at the gym using the barbell I’ve done and strung bear complexes together where the weight was heavy enough to be more less thruster jerks. I don’t have quite enough space inside of our garage to comfortably do barbell complexes unfortunately but when the weather is cooperative and can and do make them work outside.

For today’s WOD I used my 50 pound sandbag. It was just 12 bear complexes then rest a minute for I think it was four rounds. My slowest round was only at 1:37. If I had used the barbell I think I would have been even faster. It seemed that the WOD was over as quickly as it started which is exactly what they intended it to be. It was a good one that got my heart rate up in a hurry.

Music for the WOD was Opeth