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Good To Be Back To Normal With My Lifts

I slept great last night. I only woke up once when my girlfriend was shutting the windows because of the rain. It was a little warm with them closed, but not too bad. I think the sound of the rain helped me sleep a little better, along with the crickets from the sound machine.

I woke up and drank my coffee. Shortly after that, I found out that I wouldn’t have Brooke today, since she’s staying home sick with her sister. In a way, that was a little disappointing since I have been enjoying my time alone with her. The first few weeks she sat on the couch and wouldn’t even take off her gloves and hat or even her backpack. Now it comes off immediately, and she tells me she wants Bluey on and what game she wants to play. In some ways, I will miss it, since they only have about two weeks of school left. She really is a good kid.

I began my lifts this morning with some fairly back squats at two hundred and five pounds. I was working through my sets quickly, but not because I felt rushed. It was more that I was feeling good, and I was just ready to go, and they were feeling good. I ended up doing two extra sets for five sets of five, or maybe it was even six. I had lost count, so added one for good measures. My knee was bugging me just so slightly, but I think tats still from tripping over a hole in the yard. It did not prevent me from squatting in any way.

Last up for my lifting today were the deadlifts. I was both looking forward to and dreading these at the same time, since it was a heavy three hundred and five pounds for the singles today. They felt surprisingly good today for me, and the ones I recorded looked excellent on the video form wise. I have to admit that the lockout on the last rep was maybe just a little iffy since it started slipping out of my hand and as I have said before I prefer not to drop heavy weights on our floor and crack or break it. I don’t know the quality of the concrete that they used when they built the garage. It’s pretty thick though because there are areas outside where the ground is lower, so you can tell. All in all, I was pleased with my lifting session. It was nice to be back in the zone and not just trying to get it done.

I put away my weights and then ate a sandwich for lunch. I bought cheese and lunch meat for something different. It’s not often that I get it because I know it’s not healthy, so I try to keep it to a couple of times a year, and this week was the first time this year that I wanted it. It was good for a change.

I digested a bit and was feeling pretty good so I went back out into the garage to knock out the sandbag version of last week’s vault WOD since I thought I’d do well at it. It was only ten rounds of push up and sandbag drags and twelve sandbags back squats. I did do well at this WOD, even better than I had expected that I would.

I was taking it at a steady pace. I ended up finishing the WOD about a minute and a quarter faster than the lower end of their time goal and about a minute and a half faster than the dumbbell version I’d done last week.

Music For was Candlemass